Mac OS X Lion upgrade well worth it, says T3 readers

Results show new operating system to be a no-brainer

Votes in favour eclipse those opposed to Apple's new operating system

The dust has settled on Lion. The furore has calmed as those clambering for the new Mac operation system are now quietly getting on with exploring its ins and outs. But has everyone upgraded, or are people worried that it might crash their Macs?

Early figures showed that the new OS, available only from the Mac App Store, had in fact gone down a storm – with download numbers exceeding 1 million in just 24 hours. Prior to launch, we asked you to vote on how excited you were about the new OS – the results stack overwhelmingly in Lion’s favour.

77.77 per cent of you voted that you couldn’t wait to upgrade, agreeing with the statement that a new OS for under £30 was absolutely bargainous. A further 6.66 per cent conceded that Lion was the OS that would convince them to swap from PCs to Macs.

The remaining two poll options mopped up the rest of the votes near equally: 8.35 per cent said they were happy with their current version of Mac OS X, while just 7.22 per cent were in opposition to the Mac way, flying the flag for Windows.

Look out for a fresh poll tomorrow in T3’s features section. Have you got any further thoughts? Let us know on the T3 Twitter feed.

Lion OS X video

Source: T3 Tech Video