Latest Google Doodle honours Les Paul with playable guitar

Homepage offers 'playable' guitar for Les Paul birthday

Release your inner rock-god with Google's new guitar doodle

Google have celebrated the life of music icon Les Paul by producing its own playable guitar as the latest Google Doodle available today from the site's homepage.

On the day of what would have been his 96th birthday, anyone who logs onto the Google homepage will be able to see Google’s own 10-string virtual guitar, and attempt to play and record their own riffs using the mouse or keyboard.

Most famous for having his name attached to the Gibson Les Paul guitar, an instrument which has been immortalised by music legends such as Slash, Jimmy Page and Bob Marley, Paul was also the inventor of multi-track recording, and a successful recording artist, releasing albums right up until his death aged 94.

The doodle is the latest in a long line of Google creations, the most popular to date being the Pac Man game on the site last May. Today's guitar doodle offering looks set to offer bored office workers and students around the country just as much valuable procrastination time as its playable Pac Man predecessor.