Jobs: Airplay coming to Safari and apps in 2011

Apple boss responds to email about AirPlay update

AirPlay currently shut out from third party add-ons and iOS browser.

Steve Jobs has said that 2011 will see an update to AirPlay which will bring support for videos in Safari and third party apps, letting you stream clips to Apple TV. Currently, AirPlay only handles regulars videos from iOS’s iPod and can’t even stream shots you’ve taken yourself on your iPhone.

Jobs was asked by a MacRumors reader when the issue with Safari and third party apps would be available. In reply, he said, “Yep, hope to add these features to AirPlay in 2011”.

As ever with the turtle-necked one’s missives, it’s short and sweet. But at least Apple is looking to solve the rather glaring omission from its headline iOS 4.2 feature.

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Via MacRumors