Intel set to launch online TV service

Set-top box expected as part of the package

Intel will be taking on the likes of Netflix, Amazon and Google with a new online TV service that will include a set-top box with a built-in camera

Intel is planning to launch a new online TV platform later this year that will see it compete with the likes of Netflix and Google TV.

The chip manufacturer is developing the new platform under the title of Intel Media and has stated it will also be creating a set-top box that should go on sale later this year. Subscribers to the service will not only get catch-up TV but live content as well.

Intel Media vice president and general manager Erik Huggers announced the new service in California, and also revealed the set-top box will have a built-in camera. The rather Orwelian-esque notion is that this will steer content and ads towards the individual user.

"There's a scenario where the TV recognises that it's you and says 'Hey, I know what you like. I know what you want to watch', versus the environment we're in today where the TV literally is not interested in you at all," he said.

Intel is currently negotiating with content carriers, but according to the Telegraph a number of Intel employees are already using the set-top box and the company plans to have it on the shelves in the latter part of this year.

While no date has been set for a UK release, Huggers previosuly spent time at the BBC and will want to launch the system here in the UK. Whether Intel can tempt users away from the likes of Netflix or Apple TV though remains to be seen.

Via: The Telegraph