Halo 4 cover art revealed, as release date nears

Microsoft unveils striking new boxart for the upcoming blockbuster hit

In a weekend filled with Microsoft leaks gaming fans have been offered their first tantalising insight into Halo 4 as new in-game screens hit the web

The Halo 4 box art has been unveiled by Microsoft using a cryptic puzlle reminiscent of the Christopher Nolan's tactics when unveiling The Dark Knight film.

The box art is purely drawn and shows a haggered but defiant Master Chief atop some form of structure with the world collapsing around him, it's striking stuff and is no doubt exactly what 343 Industries is going for.

This is the first big image that has appeared on the game since March when the first in-game Halo 4 screenshots were leaked online with the upcoming Xbox 360 title making an early appearance alongside a selection of other Microsoft bound releases.

Hitting the web, the first leaked Halo 4 gameplay screens offered the first tantalising insight into the new world of the Master Chief and the direction that 343 Industries will be going for.

With the Halo 4 release date set for 6th Novemeber the buzz has already begun with newly appointed developer 343 describing the title as “the dawn of a new trilogy” and one that will take the franchise “back to what made Halo 3 amazing.”

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