Google plotting Android video calling?

Event tomorrow points to FaceTime rival for Big G's phones

Mountain View gathering gets gossip mongers in a tizzy.

Google’s Mountain View campus is set to play host to a special gathering tomorrow, where the Big G says it’s planning on showing off, “a couple of cool new mobile features.” The invite has got tongues wagging about the plans, with a FaceTime rivalling video chat feature most likely.

Video-calling can of course be done on Android phones, but you need to download your app of choice to get involved. An in-built effort would not only allow Google to rival Apple’s Wi-Fi only FaceTime, but also let devs build access to video calling into whatever apps they fancy.

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Of course, it would also need mobile makers to start rolling out Android phones with front-facing cameras. Even the all-new Droid 2 lacks such a feature.

Whatever Google outs tomorrow, expect it cause more clamour for its ever popular mobile OS. Video calling would just be one way to show Apple it’s not lagging far behind the iPhone 4.

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Via Electronista