Google Nexus S goes to outer space and works

Nexus phones go up to 100,000 feet

Android astronauts travel to the big unknown.

If you needed another reason to buy the Google Nexus S apart from all the specs the phone boasts, this would be it.

Google tested the boundaries of their Nexus S phones and sent them where no phones have gone before - outer space.

Little Android astronauts were sent into outer space with seven Nexus S phones. The phones' sensors were being tested, and applications including Google Maps and Google Sky Map were being used.

After the experiment, it was found that the Nexus S was able to function till temperatures of minus 50 degrees Celsius and the GPS kept track of the phone till 60,000 feet.

The Google Blog hosts videos of the Nexus S' trip to outer space passing 100,000 feet, and we see a tiny green Android astronaut getting knocked off the platform to plummet to Earth.

The Google Nexus S already has been gifted Android 2.3.1 in the US and we're hoping to see a UK version soon.

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Via: TechRadar