Flip Concept Phone unveiled with malleable form factor

Tri-display and Android OS hit future phone design

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Flip Concept Phone
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Flip Concept Phone
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Flip Concept Phone
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Flip Concept Phone
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Flip Concept Phone
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Flip Concept Phone

Flip Concept phone adopts Android and triple screen look

A stunning concept phone has emerged from the mind of Danish designer Kristian Ulrich Larsen with the inventive device sporting three touchscreen displays and Google’s Android OS.

Dubbed the Flip, the triple-display concept phone pushes the current boundaries and restrictions of relatively stoic mobile design introducing steel mesh hinges that allow the device to easily mutate its form factor from the standard rectangular smartphone to a flat, tablet-esque device via a palm pilot styled dual screen sliding gadget.

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A full physical QWERTY keyboard is fitted in around the three
Super AMOLED displays with Gorilla Glass for ease of use and improved lifestyle friendliness. Whilst the Flip handset has no plans to be put into production, its innovative and advanced, although easily obtainable, design has us salivating at the possibilities of future mobile device.

Speaking out on his creation designer Kristian Ulrich Larsen described the Flip as: “A phone that differentiates itself from the norm of a smartphone and incorporates the physical product into the interaction with what's on the screen, creating a unified experience.”

He added: “The industrial design of the devises has converged into all looking more or less the same. Due to the touchbased interaction every smartphone device is now a flat rectangle with a screen on it, making it difficult for both the user and the manufactures to differentiate the devices from each other. This phone is trying to change that. The unique form and unique way of interacting with it, is supposed to set it apart from other phones, but more importantly it's supposed to add value for the user, making the experience of using a smartphone even more exiting and engaging.”

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Via: Engadget

What is being creative? from Kristian Larsen on Vimeo.