FIFA 11 sees record UK sales in opening weekend

821,000 FIFA 11 units sold in opening three days

FIFA 11 throws down the gauntlet to PES 2011

The latest incarnation of the FIFA football console gaming title from Electronic Arts, FIFA 11, has reportedly sold more than 821,000 units in the UK during its opening weekend following its official launch last Friday, October 1st.

The most critically and commercially successful football game franchise in history, FIFA 11’s record sales have already seen EA rack up a whopping £28.93 million making it the UK’s largest game release of the year eclipsing recent juggernauts such as Red Dead Redemption and the phenomenally popular Halo: Reach.

Shifting 684,602 units in its opening 24 hours, FIFA 11 has become the second most successful UK game release in history surpassed only by Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 which recorded sales in excess of 1.23 million units in its opening day.

Not satisfied with these staggering figures, EA’s UK Marketing Director, Stuart Lang has declared the company’s plans for the future saying: “This is just the beginning. We want to bring all football fans into the FIFA franchise. So we’re really focused on long-term engagement and that means understanding how we can continually improve and stay ahead of the game to ensure we deliver the essential interactive football product and service that every football fan wants to participate in.”

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