Best karaoke gadgets for singing superstars

No longer relegated to unused rooms of public houses, the pursuit of karaoke these days takes place front-of-house. It is also appearing in front rooms too as it is friends and family inclusive, even that over-enthusiastic uncle with the one-knee, arm-outstretched finale is welcome. Time to up your sing-a-long-a-game with this selection of top karaoke tech.

LG LOUDR FH6 wireless Megasound

Stood on end it has the look of a two decision traffic light, laid flat it takes on a top-of-futuristic-cop-car appearance. Whichever way you prefer it looks menacing enough to create some wall movement and with 600W of power it can. Built-in lighting offers over sixty illumination options, pulsing along to the audio output. Connect your Karaoke app connected device over Bluetooth and connect up a compatible microphone and turn yourself up to 11.

Price: £349.99 | Currys


Naysayers of the selfie stick please halt your hating, without such an accessory it is likely that this, the most head-slappingly brilliant invention of our time, would not have come to exist. Shove just about any smartphone in its vice-like grip (pre-loading a karaoke app previously) and put yourself right there in the picture. Gather groupies, backing singers and hit play. Words appear on-screen, you and others sing-along, the microphone in-hand empowering you to a stage like performance. Add filters for added ambience and, when done, share socially – or keep safely hidden, the call is yours.

Price: £19.99 | Argos

Singtrix Karaoke studio console

If you're convinced that a career in mime might be more appropriate for your vocal skills this slick piece of karaoke kit might have you behind the mic once more. Until now reserved for higher grade studio kit the Singtrix offers up live vocal effects that enhance your audio emissions and can correct your pitch. There will indeed be those beyond assistance but even they can entertain with the harmonies that can create back-up singers at the touch of a button.

Price: £299.99 | Maplin

Lucky Voice

For a fiver each month these doyens of this superlative pastime offer access to over 8,000 tunes through their dedicated app. This blinged up version of their kit turns a laptop or iPad into a well equipped karaoke machine and the tunes you've access to aren't all from ages past but a decent selection of recent chart entries and a collection of classics for the crooners. For month one you get a voucher enabling free streaming of all their lyrics. Bond-villanesque microphone, mixer and all the cables complete the package.

Price: £60 | Lucky Voice karaoke

Singing Machine STVG785 LCD Karaoke Machine

Introducing the one-box sing-a-long solution, this could add an entirely new dimension to the world of busking we believe. Set-up and let punters sing to the gathered crowd and, for the pleasure of doing so they pay you - just a thought. This set-up includes a trio of discs, one for the kids and a pair containing more classic tunes. The on-screen lyrics are clear enough to read on the seven-inch LCD screen and there's a controller for the decent enough light-show build-in. We can't help think that if you sing too hard into it however it might well implode. Best in show for the one-box lot anyway look a lot like a shop front in Kabukicho.

Price: £129.99 | Smyths Toys

iRig Microphone

If you opt for a unit that ships short of a microphone or you're keen on getting into the duet business this is the spare mic you are looking for. Beyond karaoke duties, which it performs well enough, the iRig is compatible with recent iOS and Android devices to deliver a full suite of vocal based operations. Conduct interviews with rich/famous and record direct to your smartphone, practice making important speeches to the masses or just settle for honing your vocals with the EZ voice app that enhances your own sounds. Available in enough hues to match your outfits, Monday to Friday.

Price: £29.99 | Maplin

Inflatable Instruments

Air instruments are entirely acceptable, both guitar and sax easily recognizable without an accessory, but far better with one right? There is a surprising array of air-filled instruments on offer, and once in hand, they seem to remove another layer of inhibition from anyone's performance. Totally inadequate and underwhelming for an end of performance stage smash up.

Price: £2 each | Fun Stuff