Beatles iTunes exclusive until 2011

Rival download stores made to wait for Fab Four

Revelation comes day after Beatles finally land on Apple's music store.

The Beatles back catalogue will be exclusive to iTunes “into 2011” according to EMI, which refused to be drawn on when rival download stores would be able to sell the works of John, Paul, George and Ringo.

Speaking to All Things D, EMI’s Dylan Jones responded to being asked about a possible launch date for the likes of Amazon MP3 by saying, “That’s a question, isn’t it?” It appears EMI wants to try and build hype around future releases in the same way it’s tried (and arguably failed) with iTunes.

It means Amazon and 7Digital could be left waiting months to get hold of one of the most prized back catalogues in music. However, at the time of writing, not one Beatles song had made the UK iTunes Top 10. Perhaps Apple has overestimated just how much people want Beatles downloads, especially when the world and his wife already own most of the tracks on other formats.

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Via All Things D