Back to the Future day hoax goes global

BTTF Future day celebrations on hold for 5 more years

"Hey, Total Film, your shoes are untied..."

The Twittersphere rejoiced on Monday as Future day arrived. That immortal point in time when Marty McFly and Doc Brown travelled to a time when self-tying Nike's and hoverboards were the gadgets of the day. Except they didn't

An innocent tweet from our sister site Total Film proclaiming 5th July 2010 was the date in Back to the Future Part 2 when the DeLorean arrived in the 21st century was an instant hit among the site's 30,000 army of followers.

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"Great Scott! it's Future day. In Back to the Future 2, Doc Brown sets the time circuits for 25yrs in the future. Today is that day," read the tweet.

After realising they were actualy five whole years out, the TF team posted a light-hearted apology, claiming the post to be a "hoax" along with a photoshopped screenshot of the car's time reading.

However, amid endless retweeting, the irony was lost in translation and Total Film had soon an even bigger phenomenon on its hands and one of the most infamous online phenomenons of recent times.

Total Film, however, gained an extra 2,000 Twitter follows and a tonne of web hits as a result of the story.

Regardless. We still want a hoverboard. Roll on 2015. Read our Best Twitter cock-ups feature for more 140 character mishaps

Link: Total Film