Apple iPhone 5 release to see handset named the 'new iPhone'?

Reports suggest the eagerly awaited iPhone 5 will follow the iPad in a new naming convention

Suggesting the world may never see the iPhone 5, new reports have suggested Apple will change its naming convention and launch the 'new iPhone'

Following yesterday’s official unveiling of the third-generation iPad, which landed with the moniker of the ‘new iPad’ as opposed to the expected iPad 3, new reports have suggested that the heavily rumoured iPhone 5 will land later this year branded simply as the ‘new iPhone’.

Doing away with the numbering convention that saw the Cupertino based company launch the iPad 2, the new iPad is seemingly marking out Apple’s future iOS device naming convention. It has been claimed this numberless system will now see the iPhone follow in the footsteps of the iMac and MacBook Air, maintaining the same base title through multiple specs overhauls.

“About two weeks ago we got a tip from a reliable source that Apple was going to call the iPhone 5 the new “iPhone,” a new report from Apple blog 9to5Mac has declared.

It added: “That seemed a little nuts at the time but what a difference a Keynote makes. Apple chopped the suffix off if the iPad as part of a branding makeover that will likely expand. Just like iMac is not called iMac 1,2,3 it looks like Apple won’t be doing the numbering on iOS devices (though it never did with the iPod touch).”

Apple iPhone 5 Rumours

Originally expected to make its first appearance last year before the somewhat disappointing arrival of the Apple iPhone 4S, the iPhone 5, which has recently been tipped for an October 2012 release, is now expected to land without its numerical branding.

Widely expected to move away from the now aging form factor of the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, a number of reports have suggested Apple will give its new iPhone a completely refreshed form factor with Gorilla Glass 2 to make us the handset’s glass backed form.

As well as a quad-core ARM A6 processor, a number of iPhone 5 rumours have suggested the next-gen handset will sport an improved camera, increased RAM and larger storage options.

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Via: 9to5Mac