Apple iPad 3 to launch with quad-core processor?

Hidden references in developer kit hint at heavyweight chip for next gen iPads

Apple's iPad 3 may be packing a more powerful quad-core processor into its presumably super-svelte body, according to tech bloggers Ars Technica.

So the Apple iPad 3 hasn't materialised this year, despite some vicious rumouring to the contrary. And yet Apple has apparently set some major plans in motion for the next iteration of its wunder-tablet, with the folks at Ars Technica uncovering what look like references to a quad-core processor inside Apple's latest developer toolset.

Hidden in the code is a reference to particular quad-core processor model currently unused in Apple devices. The conclusion? That Apple's next device might be leaving behind the current dual-core tablet standard in pursuit of even more tablet oomph.

We always knew that Apple would move into quad-core chips eventually, especially after folks from Nvidia rained on the dual-core MWC parade this year by saying that we'd see quad-core mobile devices before the year was out. But with new Android tablets currently all about dual-core, it's provocative news to hear that Apple's production elves may be tinkering away already with something even meatier (especially after all the disappointing iPhone 4S rumours that have been clogging up the internet in recent days).

Source: Ars Technica