Apple iPad 3 Retina Display to cause price hike?

Reports suggest at least a £50 premium added to next generation Apple tablet

The next iPad is on the horizon, but reports suggest those looking to snare the next generation tablet might have to dig a little deeper in their pockets

Apple is considering raising the price point of the iPad 3, ahead of the expected launch next month, according to reports from the far east.

The price sheet obtained by a Chinese Apple blog and discovered by MacRumors suggests that the base-level 16GB iPad 3 will go on sale in the US for $579 as opposed to the usual $499. That's an $80 increase.

If true, it's difficult to speculate how that will translate into British pounds. Apple has always added a hefty premium to tech leaving the United States, so although $80 equals around £50, it may end up costing UK gadget fans considerably more than that.

The $80 dollar increase, according to the leaked price sheet, applies to all Wi-Fi models, while Wi-Fi + 3G models are hiked by $70 with the top priced tablet now a whopping $899.

The report speculates that the increase may be due to the Retina Display, rumoured to be the headline feature of the forthcoming tablet. The screen is set to boast double the resolution of its predecessor, which would naturally cost Apple more to produce.

Would you upgrade to an iPad 3 if a substantial price increase was tacked onto the already-premium device? Or would you be more likely to opt for a cheaper Android solution? Let us know in the comments section below.

Via: AppleInsider