iPad rules: Apple tablet dos and don'ts

10 Ways to ensure you lead a happy iPad life

Top tips to get the most out of your iPad. From screen wiping tips to dining table etiquette, here's the definitive list of rules for the modern tablet owner

As you read this you should be washed up on the tech beach with the first wave of iPad hysteria having finally broken and rolled back. What is the “correct” way to use this shiny new class of gadget, you may well be asking at this juncture.

Well, read below to find out and uncover more equally important iPad rules

1/ Do wipe the screen
It’ll probably never look as good as when you first lifted it lovingly from its crib-cum-box, but you should keep the iPad’s screen as free as possible from grubby fingerprints. Apple recommends using a microfibre cloth, and you should also be careful to thoroughly wash jam and engine oil from your fingers as well.

2/ Don’t take it to bed
It may be the equal of your other half in terms of attractiveness, and it does double as a rather fancy book, but most tech should be kept away from the bedroom unless you’re single or wish to be. There’s no app for preventing divorce, nor for mending a broken heart.

3/ Do invest in Bluetooth audio
The speakers on the iPad, as you’d expect with something so sleek, aren’t amazing by any stretch. However, to wire external ones to it would be like attaching a caravan to a gazelle. Use the iPad’s Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR to wirelessly link to a pair of Sennheiser PXC 310 BT headphones or the brilliant Chordette Gem hi-fi receiver attached to your own sound system.

4/ Don’t put it on a dining table
You can get away with putting your phone on the table during a business lunch, but the iPad? No, it’s just too big. The next step would be putting your briefcase and umbrella on your dining partner’s bread plate.

5/ Do check your history
Check the website you were on before demoing Safari to anyone. Apple’s browser automatically loads the last page viewed, so make sure you’re not about to confront unprepared viewers with 9.7 inches of hentai or dailymail.co.uk.

6/ Don’t put it in a case
You’ve just splashed out on one of the best looking gadgets of the year, placing you at the vanguard of modernity. So why would you want to make it look like a Filofax? Worst of all is Apple’s official case, which folds out into a “handy” but decidedly Blue Peter-esque stand.

7/ Do read on it, not about it
Avoid iPad Made Simple, a massive guide book for a device that’s as self-explanatory as a shirt. If you can’t work out how to use an iPad without a 740-page, $30 manual, you don’t deserve to have one. Instead check out Alice for iPad (£5.49) – Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland with added animations.

8/ Don’t overuse the accelerometer
Yes, photos look splendid on the iPad, but its accelerometer just isn’t that reliable. If you end up shaking and tilting it in all directions trying to show off the, “look: landscape… Now portrait!” effect, it takes the gloss of its “effortless” usability.

9/ Do upgrade to iOS 4 (when launched)
Multitasking is a must on the iPad, much more so than on the iPhone. The new iOS 4 also adds folders for organising your apps, Game Centre – Apple’s answer to Xbox Live – and a plethora of other improvements, new features and tweaks. It’s also free, which is a good price point.

10/ Don’t pretend it’s a massive phone
Holding the iPad to your face like a big iPhone and shouting like Dom Joly is now strictly verboten; everyone’s done that joke over and over again.