Best 5 iOS 4 apps

Top apps to benefit from the iOS 4 multi-task update

The first confirmed updated apps for Apple's new multi-tasking OS break cover.

The iOS 4 update, hot off the Apple presses, finally brings a form of multi-tasking to Apple's ubiquitous smartphone. Here's our pick of the best five apps to take advantage of the slick new iOS.

Tunein Radio
Instantly access over 30,000 radio stations from across the globe, including thousands of AM/FM local stations. If you were thinking of investing in a new internet or DAB radio, then you might want to think again, because this app turns your iPhone into the ultimate digital radio.
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The official Twitter app gets a sprucing up for iOS 4, now running in the background and letting you tweet your thoughts to the world without having to reboot the app each time inspiration strikes. The new Twitter is also apparently more secure, if lack of tweet security ever bothered you.
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Windows Live Messenger
The popular chat app finally gets an outing on Apple's 'phone and 'pad. Made for iOS 4, it doesn't make use of the OS's pseudo-multitasking, but it does use push notifications, so your contacts on Live or Yahoo! can send you messages even when the app isn't running.
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A top tool for file-sharing and syncing, Dropbox is among the first apps to get an iOS 4 upgrade. Save files to your dropbox on your computer or phone and access them online or through the auto-updting dropbox folder on your other computers or iPhone. Simples.
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A smart note-taking application, Evernote syncs your to-do lists and digital musings accross all your devices. It even lets you keep web addresses and photos, and once you've stored your information, Evernote indexes it all and makes it searchable.
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