T3 Hype: best tech of the last week; Super Mario Run, Amazon Prime Air, Ferrari J50, Apple AirPods and more

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This week we have mobile games and flying deliveries and beyond with Super Mario Run, Amazon Prime Air, Apple AirPods, Ferrari J50 and more…

Super Mario Run

The first proper iOS game to come from Nintendo in-house is here and it’s bringing an old classic friend back. Super Mario Run is a side-scrolling classic style coin collection winner that’s already kicking ass in Apple’s iOS store. 

The app is free to download but costs £7.99 to unlock. It features three modes: World Tour for a six world side-scrolling Mario classic style game to save Princess Peach, Toad Rally for a multiplayer mode to get a coin collecting high score, Kingdom Builder to make your own worlds and unlock bonus characters.

The catch? You need to be online to play, so no underground commuter gaming then.

Super Mario Run is out and already topping iOS charts

Amazon Prime Air

They’re coming from the skies! The drones are here and they’re doing our bidding at last. Amazon Prime Air has made its first UK delivery autonomously.

The delivery of an Amazon Fire TV and bag of popcorn, made in Cambridge, took 13-minutes. This was allowed after UK regulations cleared Amazon to begin using the drones. This is just the beginning for drone delivery and the UK is leading the way.

Amazon Prime Air makes first flying UK delivery to real customer, watch it here

Ferrari J50

Ferrari has released a new vehicle out of nowhere in the gorgeous J50 - to celebrate its 50th birthday. While we may not have known about it, insiders did as the limited run of 10 cars have already sold out.

Owners are expected to get similar specs to the 488 Spider meaning a 0-62mph time of 3 seconds and a 202mph top speed.

Ferrari launch surprise new J50 supercar: unsurprisingly, it's sold out already

Apple AirPods

It’s been a long while since Apple announced its AirPod wireless earphones but now they’re finally available. That means owners will be able to wirelessly connect to their iPhone or Apple Watch to enjoy music and more.

The Apple AirPods will cost £159 which gets you five hours of playback and sensors that auto play and pause when taken in and out of the wearer’s ears.

Apple's AirPods are (finally) available before Christmas!


No this watch has nothing to do with tropical disease or smart flying creatures. It’s also not simply a watch. The Moskito is an analogue watch that also lets cyclists track their speed and more.

The Swiss-made watch is currently on Kickstarter promising to offer a chronograph and tachometer in one analogue unit. The key is a watch face that clips in and out of the wrist strap so it can be attached to the bike while cycling. 

The second hand then shows speed in real time, minute hand shows total distance and hour hand keeps showing time. Even the date indicator is used to show average speed. Chrono mode shows time of cycle in hour, minutes and seconds. It’ll even notify you of phone messages.

The Moskito is both an analogue smartwatch and bike speedometer in one