T3 Awards 2020: Whyte S-150C RS V2 reaches the mountain bike peak, leaves the rest trailing

It's a 29er… but only when you want it to be

T3 Awards 2020: Whyte S-150C RS V2 is our #1 mountain bike
(Image credit: Whyte)

The last winner on day 1 of T3 Awards 2020 week is the best mountain bike of the year. Described by us as a 'shape-shifting trail slayer', it's the Whyte S-150C RS V2. 

It's technically a trail bike rather than an enduro bike, which is good since, having posted 22 T3 Awards related stories today, we now know more than we really wanted to about endurance. It's a tough way to make a living.

Britain's finest artisan MTB enterprise, Whyte has long forged a reputation for building innovative mountain bikes. They're regular award winners – hopefully the infamously weighty T3 Awards trophy won't cause their special cabinet to collapse.

The S-150C is the pick of their 2020 range and the finest mountain bike you can buy right now. It's a cutting-edge trail bike that's perfectly balanced and very well specced for its price, with a splendid 150mm RockShock Pike Select fork twinned with a RockShox Deluxe Select, RT Debonair shock. 

The 12-speed transmission is courtesy of SRAM's GX Eagle, while Code 4 four-pot brakes provide plenty of stopping power. The S-150C can run on either 29-inch or 27.5-inch wheels but comes with a 29-inch wheelset as standard.

For taking on trails, there's nothing better; that's why for us the Whyte is 2020's finest MTB. In fact, with its uncanny wheel-switching abilities, it's almost the best two MTBs of 2020…

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