Cyber Monday deals 2021: prepare for the year's biggest sale event

The best Cyber Monday deals and sales all in one place – let T3 be your guide to Cyber Monday 2021

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Welcome to T3's comprehensive guide to Cyber Monday 2021. While it may still be some months away, we're already preparing for the monster sales event that follows the best Black Friday deals.

Many speculate just how well Cyber Monday is going to perform this year, compared to the online-only sales we saw in 2020. That said, Cyber Monday deals look to continue the holiday season savings with even more deals on the electronics you must have this year.

While it's still too early to predict what will feature in the Cyber Monday sales, some of the most popular Cyber Monday deal categories include TVs, headphones, consoles, PC gaming, and much more. Below we've included lists of where to find the best Cyber Monday deals this year, along with who we expect to have the best Cyber Monday deals of the year.

Not just a Black Friday clone, Cyber Monday is one of the largest sales events of the year. Here's everything you need to know...

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Who has the best Cyber Monday deals?

Amazon's Cyber Monday Sale 2021
Keep a close eye on this one, Amazon never disappoints during Cyber Monday and this year will be no exception.View Deal

Adorama's Cyber Monday Sale 2021
Bursting into the scene as a one-stop shop for all things electronics and tech-related, Adorama will be a key player in Cyber Monday sales. Keep a close eye on these guys.View Deal

B&H Photo's Cyber Monday Sale 2021
Quickly becoming one of the best bargain-hunting sites, B&H Photo offers a massive selection of electronics and tech to peruse. Everything from cameras to TVs, lighting, AV equipment, and more, go on sale during B&H Photo's Cyber Monday blowout. Expect B&H Photo to show up with a Cyber Monday sale like no other.View Deal

Best Buy's Cyber Monday Sale 2021
Offering an excellent selection of deals across a wide array of categories, we expect Best Buy's Cyber Monday sale to be bigger and better than ever. Best Buy already offers an incredible selection of products on sale, so expect Cyber Monday deals at Best Buy to be some of the best of the year.  View Deal

Chewy's Cyber Monday Sale 2021
For pet lovers out there, Chewy's Cyber Monday sale is one of the best to shop at. They've got a ton of products for all types of animals, and their Cyber Monday pet deals are second to none. Watch for this one to kick off early, demand for pet products has soared over the past year!View Deal

Kohl's Cyber Monday Sale 2021
The best one-stop shop for all things home, Kohl's Cyber Monday sale is likely to bring some incredible deals on clothing, furniture, electronics, and more. One of the most popular stores when it comes to Black Friday, Kohl's Cyber Monday sale offers so much more. Don't skip out on these guys!View Deal

Newegg's Cyber Monday Sale 2021
Already one of the BEST places to find deals on tech, electronics, and PC hardware, Newegg's focus on Cyber Monday deals is unlike any other. Get ready for some incredible savings on some of the hottest tech products this year, it's going to be a wild ride!View Deal

Old Navy's Cyber Monday Sale 2021
An excellent shop for those looking to expand their wardrobe a bit, Old Navy offers some of the hottest fashions and styles at incredible prices. Expect Old Navy's Cyber Monday sale to bring discounts upwards of 50% or more, so check back soon to start saving! View Deal

Target's Cyber Monday Sale 2021
Target's Cyber Monday deals may not be quite as large as some of the other big players in this list, but their product offering is as vast as any other. Some of the best Cyber Monday deals will be found at Target, so watch these guys closely as we get closer to the big day.View Deal

When is Cyber Monday 2021?

Cyber Monday 2021 will be on Monday, November 29th this year.

Following Black Friday weekend and the Thanksgiving holiday, Cyber Monday is the last big sales event of the year before Christmas comes around. Shoppers will want to plan ahead this year for Cyber Monday, as this holiday season's shopping schedule is going to be a bit different.

As we mentioned, bargain hunters will have three major sales happening within the span of two months. That's going to hit your wallet hard, especially if you're someone looking to buy gifts for family and friends. Plan accordingly, watch Amazon Prime Day and Black Friday, and determine what products you'll be buying and when.

What is Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday was officially introduced in 2005, following a press release titled "'Cyber Monday' Quickly Becoming One of the Biggest Online Shopping Days of the Year".

After noticing a huge uptrend in online sales following the Thanksgiving holiday, retailers saw Cyber Monday as a psuedo-Black Friday type day and the rest is history.

Now, Cyber Monday is a sales event celebrated around the globe. In some cases, matching or even beating Black Friday sales, Cyber Monday offers some of the best deals of the year.

Cyber Monday VS Black Friday: what you need to know

While both Black Friday and Cyber Monday offer an incredible selection of deals to choose from, there's a few points some of you may not be fully aware of. You can save during both events and in many cases, you'll find deals on the exact same items on Cyber Monday as you did on Black Friday. So Just what exactly is the difference between these two big sale events?

For starters, many of the deals you'll find on Cyber Monday will have a slightly larger discount if Black Friday didn't quite clear it out. As retailers love to use Black Friday as a deal to really kick out the best deals, it's equally as important to them that they clear out room in the warehouses for upcoming products.

Black Friday sales should be your first stop this holiday season as it will definitely save you the most money right from the start. In the off chance a particular item you've been hoping to buy doesn't sell out on Black Friday, check back again on Cyber Monday for what could be a big surprise.

Of course, this won't apply to popular items of the holiday. If you're waiting for Apple to drop that new iPhone and are saving your purchase for Black Friday or Cyber Monday, go straight for it on Black Friday.

If you've been saving for a new GPU, though, and are hoping to grab an NVIDIA or AMD GPU from earlier this year or late last year, Cyber Monday may be the better option. In many cases, products won't sell out entirely on Black Friday meaning retailers will go even bigger on Cyber Monday to get the product to move.

This all requires a bit of research into trends and news about the product you want to buy, but with the right information and understanding of how Cyber Monday works you can save like a pro.

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