Best Black Friday Deals US: Get ready for the best Black Friday sales of the year

The countdown to the best Black Friday sales is on! See where you can find Black Friday deals worthy of the holiday here...

best black friday deals 2020
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Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year, is just two short months away. While that seems like an easy wait for some, others may be counting down the days until Black Friday deals kick off.

The importance of holding out for Black Friday deals bears a heavier weight this year. Not only will Black Friday sales be a time for bargain hunting on the latest gifts and tech, many will be searching for deals and discounts on necessities as well.

Thousands of Black Friday deals will be happening across hundreds of sites, with retailers including Amazon, Best Buy, Kohl's, Walmart, and more,  running massive Black Friday sales. With so many stores participating in Black Friday sales, whatever you're shopping for will most likely be on sale.

Whether it's a deal on 4K TVs or a sale on clothing, Black Friday deals are your best chance to find the best prices. While Amazon Prime Day may be just around the corner, the complete offering of deals during Prime Day 2020 will pale in comparison to Black Friday's offerings.

Black Friday Deals: What to expect from this year's Black Friday sales

Black Friday 2020: the T3 difference

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T3 spends almost every day of each year reviewing and rating the best products on the market and then presenting to you the very best deals on them. The reason we exist is to help people find the products perfect for them. That's why when it comes around to the entire Black Friday sales event we are perfectly positioned to deliver the absolute best bargains going. Our team of deal hunting experts, in partnership with the most advanced deal-hunting technology in existence, filter out all the exploitative fake deals on dated or end-of-life technology and instead shine a light on the deals guaranteed to spark joy in their owners.

Black Friday covers a much larger product offering with just about everything from clothing to electronics, musical instruments, shoes, and more, on sale during Black Friday sales events. You may be able to find a great deal on Amazon Prime Day, but holding out for Black Friday deals on certain items will pay off.

Financially the biggest shopping day of the year, stores and brands use Black Friday as a time to push both last years and this years products out quickly. This gives you, the shopper, an advantage as it you can get an early sense of what Black Friday deals you'll find.

The holidays are a big time for tech companies and other major retailers to announce to new products. This gives shoppers two main advantages when it comes to deal hunting on Black Friday:

  • It hints as to what deals you'll find during Black Friday sales

Retailers usually only announce or release new products in Q3 or Q4 of the year for one reason, bigger hype and more buzz around the product itself. Most are major tech companies and other popular electronics providers.

For example, Apple recently unveiled and released the new Apple Watch Series 6 smart watch. With this releasing only two months before Black Friday deals kick off, you can bet on finding Apple Watch Series 6 deals later this year. Our Apple Watch Series 6 review is already giving early impressions of this being an incredible step for Apple, meaning deals are sure fire bet this year since it'll be in high demand.

A late-in-the-year launch like this will not only bring definite discounts on Black Friday to a newly released product, it'll also bring bigger discounts on the last gen models too! Some of the best Apple Watch Series 5 deals can be found right now thanks to the newly released smart watch.

  • It can provide a good idea of the discounts to expect during Black Friday sales

As new products are revealed, most of the time a price point is given right off the bat. This gives you an excellent starting point in figuring out just how much of a discount the product or it's previous models may get.

A great example is the recent reveal of the PlayStation 5 and the opening of PS5 pre-orders. Now that we know Sony's new PlayStation console starts at $499, we can expect to see last generation PlayStation 4 consoles getting a major price cut. Some of the cheapest PS4 deals right now start at around $399, but Black Friday deals may bring us a price closer to $299 or even $199 if we're lucky.

Some retailers may surprise us and go even bigger, as many Black Friday deals can be anywhere from 50% to 80% off. We're already seeing deals on laptops of up to 50% off, with Newegg's ASUS ROG Zephyrus S gaming laptop deal.  Taking a massive $1,400 off a killer gaming laptop with NVIDIA's recent RTX 2080 GPU, it's easily one of the best gaming laptop deals we'll see all year.

These advantages aside, there's another matter that many bargain hunters may not have factored in: Amazon Prime Day.

A sale that usually happens mid-year, Amazon recently announced that Amazon Prime Day would be delayed until late 2020. As it stands now, rumors indicate that Prime Day 2020 will fall somewhere between October 5th and October 20th. Amazon has yet to confirm this information.

What exactly does this mean for shoppers? Either it means two times the deals back to back or a time to take a side on which sales event will be the biggest of the year – Black Friday sales or Amazon Prime Day deals?

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Black Friday sales VS Amazon Prime Day deals

With the delay of Amazon Prime Day 2020 though, deal hunters are in for a real treat this year with two major sales happening in rapid succession. Sources are claiming we'll see Amazon Prime Day in early October, meaning shoppers will have only two months between the biggest sales events of the year.

This means Black Friday sales will have to be even bigger than last year with Amazon's usually July holiday now competing with what is usually the best sales day of the year.

Retailers like Best Buy and B&H Photo are great with Black Friday sales, and help by providing their own Black Friday deal landing page for users to bookmark for the big day. While these are a huge help to those who truly love taking advantage of every sale on Black Friday, bookmarking all those pages can be a bit of a pain and will start to clutter that bookmarks bar pretty quickly. It also doesn't help that this year going in-store to shop Black Friday sales is basically not an option.

Heading into a brick and mortar store this Black Friday may be out of the question for many with Coronavirus still considered an issue when it comes to public gatherings. The days of camping out a few days before the big Black Friday sale of the year are over and the switch to all digital sales is here. While you may not need to camp out in front of your favorite store for 5 days prior, you'll still want to make sure you are on top of the best deals at all times.

Thankfully, finding deals on Black Friday has never been easier thanks to guides like ours. With hundreds of sales happening over the course of the next few months, having one place to check out the best Black Friday deals will help you simplify your deal hunting experience.

T3 hopes to make it even easier for you with our guide to the best Black Friday deals of the year. We'll be keeping this page updated with the best deals happening right now as well as the best Black Friday deals and sales as they become available. Read on to check out T3's guide to Black Friday sales and see what you can save on today.

When is Black Friday?

Black Friday is on Friday, November 27th.

Falling on the Friday following Thanksgiving, Black Friday signals the official start of the holiday shopping season. Each year, stores bring hundreds of deals and discounts on last gen and current products.

This year, Black Friday sales may go even longer with news that some retailers are starting much earlier than usual. Home Depot has already announced that they'll be offering a full two months of Black Friday deals, leading many to believe that other retailers will follow suit.

How many days until Black Friday?

There are 68 days left until Black Friday 2020.

Most Black Friday sales won't really kick off until Thanksgiving night, but don't be surprised to see more and more retailers starting their Black Friday deals early. As with previous years, many retailers throw curveballs in the months leading up to Black Friday to keep shoppers guessing.

That said, you don't have to wait until Black Friday deals kick off to start saving. Many retailers currently have massive deal sections on their sites with hundreds of products on sale. If you've got a keen eye and a good sense for bargains, you can find deals that are even better than Black Friday!

When do Black Friday sales start?

Black Friday deals usually start in early November, with many retailers holding "countdown" sales to the big day. The best Black Friday deals won't come around until the week of November 23rd, with Black Friday falling on November 27th this year. Most deals you'll find will run from Black Friday until Cyber Monday, with many starting the week or two before the actual holiday.

Chances are we'll see many sales and deals kicking off much earlier than that this year. Black Friday deals have kind of evolved into a month long celebration of savings with Back Friday itself being the best day to find the best deals. Keep your eyes open as early sales begin to kick off.

For example, Lenovo held it's annual Black Friday in July sale recently which brought huge discounts on student laptops, work laptops, and gaming laptops. While their Black Friday in July sale is currently over, you can still find some excellent deals right now on Lenovo laptops by heading to their Sales section.

Black Friday Shopping Tips

Black Friday sales are like no other and many stores will be stacking discounts and deals on top of each other to bring shoppers the biggest savings. While general Black Friday sales will be happening throughout the course of November, deal hunters will find flash sales and limited time offers popping regularly throughout the day.

Following all those deals and flash sales is going to get confusing and difficult, so you'll want to make sure you've got your Black Friday shopping plan ready to go. Here are some tips to making sure you get the most out of your Black Friday deal shopping experience:

  • Set up shopping alerts and notifications at your favorite online stores

Many retailers offer email notifications and desktop alerts for their biggest sales when you sign up on their website. This is an excellent tool for those who don't want to waste time checking back regularly and ensures you see the best Black Friday sales and deals happen when they happen.

Following a store or brands Twitter, Facebook and Instagram feeds is also an excellent way to get a first look at upcoming Black Friday sales. You'll see updates and deals dropping quickly as we get closer to Black Friday sales, so having notifications setup will make sure you can jump on them before they're gone!

  • Compare prices and shop for the best deal available

While Black Friday deals tend to bring the best prices of the year, it doesn't hurt to make sure you're getting the best deal available on Black Friday. Be sure to shop around for the best deal available on the product you're looking for. Google apps and extensions like CamelCamelCamel can actively compare and provide previous sale prices on specific items, making sure you're paying the absolute best price on Black Friday.

It also helps to keep an eye on coupon sites like Retailmenot. These sites are great at providing coupons and other flash sale info, and can help ensure you save the most money during your Black Friday shopping spree. Whatever your method is, don't always take the first deal you come across. If someone has an amazing deal on that new pair of headphones you've been after, chances are there's someone else with an even better one going on during Black Friday sales.

  • Make sure you understand each stores return and refund policies

Black Friday sales are by far the best time to save big, but they can also come with fine print that many tend to skim over. Refunds and returns are special cases during Black Friday sales (especially this year with Coronavirus), so take the time to get yourself acquainted with return policies.

While it's always great to get that video game 50% off or that new TV during a smoking hot sale, it's an even bigger bummer to receive or buy the wrong item and be unable to return it. Take your time, make sure what you're buying is returnable or refundable and make sure everyone is happy during your Black Friday deal shopping.

  • Only shop with verified stores and use secure payment methods

With this year's Black Friday sales going to be primarily online, ensuring you use a safe and verified method of payment is going to be crucial. This is a great time for scammers and the like to prey on unknowing shoppers, so do everything you can to make sure your credit card info is safe and secure.

The good news is that all major stores will have a verified payment methods with secure processing for credit, debit and gift cards. What you'll want to keep an eye on is links and other outside articles that may redirect you to "mock" sales pages designed to collect your payment info.

Rest assured, all links provided by T3 are verified and will direct you to each retailers landing page but there are sites out there that may have other plans. Shop safely and never provide your credit card info to any site that seems sketchy. Trust your gut!

Where are the best Black Friday deals?

While this will come down to what specifically you're looking to buy, there are a few main retailers that'll have a good selection of products on sale. Of course, Amazon is the most popular choice for deal hunters with a massive Black Friday sale and Cyber Monday sale. Flash sales, surprise Black Friday deals and huge discounts of up to 75% and more 

That shouldn't turn you away from checking out retailer specific sales though, many of them have exclusive deals happening throughout their own Black Friday sales. While most retailers are still gearing up for the big sale day, you can head over to their Black Friday deals landing page to sign up for notifications and alerts. 

Best Black Friday Sales 2020

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Finding the best sales on Black Friday will be easier than ever, as many retailers will have Black Friday deal pages setup for shoppers to head to when Black Friday sales begin. While most stores won't have anything setup just yet, you can still browse through deals by checking out their deals and savings sections.

We'll be listing all of the retailers prepping for their big Black Friday sales day below and will continue to update this list as deals begin to drop. If you don't see your favorite store's Black Friday deal page listed below, be sure to check back often as we'll continue to update this list as Black Friday sales begin.

Abercrombie & Fitch Black Friday Sale
Find deals on the hottest styles with sales on current and classic fashions going on right now. Save on clothing for kids, men and women with savings of up to 50% going on right now. We'll update this link to Abercrombie & Fitch's Black Friday sale once it's live!
View Deal

Abt Black Friday Sale
Abt offers a massive selection of home appliances, furniture, tech and electronics including TVs, A/V equipment and projectors. With new deals dropping every day, you can already save quite a bit on home needs by heading over to their Specials & Deals page. We'll update this link to Abt's Black Friday Sale once it's live!View Deal

adidas Black Friday Sale
Find discounts on men's, women's, and children's clothing and accessories. Backpacks, jackets, shoes, face masks and more are all on sale with free shipping on orders over $49. Use coupon code TIRO to save $25 on kid's TIRO training pants and $35 on adult's TIRO training pants. We'll update this link to adida's Black Friday sale once it's live!View Deal

Adorama Black Friday Sale
Photographers and AV specialist will want to check out Adorama's Black Friday sale this year, with one of the best offerings of cameras, AV equipment and electronics available. Black Friday deals at Adorama will be starting on November 27th, so be sure to set the date!View Deal

AJ Madison Labor Day Appliance Sale
One of the net's biggest appliance superstores, AJ Madison's Black Friday sale hasn't kicked off just yet. With savings already happening across hundreds of major and minor appliances site wide though, you can head on over today to save hundreds on indoor and outdoor appliances. We'll update this link to AJ Madison's Black Friday sale as soon as it kicks off!View Deal

Amazon Black Friday Sale
The biggest deals available from Amazon all in one place, deal hunters will find discounts on just about everything during Amazon's Black Friday sale. Clothing, electronics, TVs, video games, you name it and it's probably already on sale, but wait until Black Friday to see the best discounts.View Deal

Appliances Connection Black Friday Sale
One of the best appliance online superstores, Appliances Connection offers a massive selection of home appliances to choose from. The Appliances Connection Black Friday sale hasn't started just yet, but you can currently save up to 50% on select closeout deals by browsing their deals section! View Deal

Amerisleep Black Friday Sale
Save on Amerisleep mattresses, sheets, pillows, and more during Amerisleep's Black Friday sales event. You can already save $200 plus receive two free pillows by using promo code BF200 at checkout, but check back often as more deals will become available as we get closer to Black Friday.View Deal

Apple Black Friday Sale
Purchase an eligible Mac or iPad with education pricing and get a free pair of AirPod wireless earbuds completely free. Students are also eligible for additional discounts on select accessories and 20% off AppleCare. We'll update this link to Apple's Black Friday sale page once it's live!View Deal

Ashley Furniture Black Friday Sale
Ashley Furniture's Black Friday sale isn't live just yet, but you can browse last years best Black Friday deals right now as well as save hundreds in their deals section. Keep an eye on this link though, it'll be updated as soon as Ashley Furniture's Black Friday sale kicks off!View Deal

Asics Black Friday Sale
With some of the best styles for active lifestyles, Asics has a ton of shoes on sale for 30% off or more right now. Their Black Friday sale hasn't kicked off just yet, but expect some huge discounts on classics and fan favorites as we get closer to the holiday. We'll update this link as soonas Asics Black Friday sale is live!View Deal

B&H Photo Black Friday Sale
One of the best shops to find camera equipment on sale, B&H Photo has one of the best Black Friday sales each year. While B&H Photo preps for the biggest sale of the year you can still find some excellent deals by heading over to their deals page today.View Deal

BEAR Black Friday Mattress Sale
BEAR's Black Friday mattress sale isn't live just yet, but you can head over today and save up to $270 on select mattress with special promo codes provided at checkout. They've also got a handful of bundle packages that'll save you even more if you get a complete bedding set. View Deal

Best Buy Black Friday Sale
Some of the best deals on electronics and tech will be found right here at Best Buy's Black Friday sale. While Best Buy has expanded it's product offering to cover tech, smart home, and more you'll find the best deals on TVs and other electronics during Best Buy's Black Friday sale this year.View Deal

Cabela's Black Friday Sale
While Cabela's gears up for its year Black Friday sale, head on over to their Bargain Cave to find deals on some of the hottest outdoor items. Save on tons of outdoor equipment including fishing gear, boating accessories, camping equipment and more today. We'll update this link to Cabela's Black Friday sale as soon as it's ready!View Deal

Cacoon by Sealy Black Friday Sale
Mattresses specifically designed for hot sleepers, Cacoon memory foam mattresses feature advanced cooling technology to help you sleep better. There are a few offers going on right now that can save you some cash on a new mattress, but we'll update this link once Cacoon's Black Friday sale kicks off.View Deal

Converse Black Friday Sale
Save up to 30% or more on select men's, women's and children's clothing and shoes right now! There are hundreds of items currently on sale, but be sure to keep an eye out as we get closer to Black Friday for even bigger discounts. We'll update this link to Converse' Black Friday sale once it's live!View Deal

Cricket Black Friday Sale
If you're part of the AT&T network or your just looking for a cheap phone plan, Cricket has you covered with some of the most affordable phone plans around. Cricket's Black Friday sale isn't live just yet, but you can still shop and save on hundreds of new phones as well as save with a cheaper phone plan.View Deal

Dell Black Friday Sale
While Dell doesn't always offer the biggest discounts in the off season, they do have some great student and teacher discounts happening right now. Once Dell's Black Friday sale kicks off, we'll get this link updated with their Black Friday landing page so you can save the most.View Deal

Dick's Sporting Goods Black Friday Sale
For deal hunters looking for the best Black Friday sales on active gear and equipment, Dick's Sporting Good offers one of the best selections of indoor and outdoor activity gear. Workout equipment, training gear, clothing, you name it and it'll most likely be on sale during Dick's Black Friday savings event.View Deal

Etnies Black Friday Sale
Huge discounts of up to 30% or more on last season's styles happening right now, but expect even bigger savings on both new and old fashions as we get closer to Black Friday. We'll update this link to etnies' Black Friday sale once it's live!View Deal

Famous Footwear Black Friday Sale
Save on a variety of Back to School essentials including sneakers, backpacks, lunch boxes, uniform shoes and more. Brands like adidas, Roxy, Converse and Nike all have discounts going on, so head over today and save big. We'll update this link to Famous Footwear's Black Friday sale once it's live!View Deal

Finish Line Black Friday Sale
Save upwards of 50% off select Nike and adidas shoes, clothing, and accessories for a limited time at Finish Line. Deals for the whole family with savings on men's, women's and children's shoes and clothing. We'll update this link to Finish Line's Black Friday sale once it's live!View Deal

Forever 21 Black Friday Sale
Save up to 50% on the latest styles and fashions right now during Forever 21's Summer Sale. Everything from shoes to jewelry, scarves to hats and more are on sale right now, with discounts of up to 60% off select clothing pieces and accessories. We'll update this link to Forever 21's Black Friday sale once it's live!View Deal

GAP Black Friday Sale
Head over to today and save up to 75% on select clothing, shoes, and accessories for a limited time. Some items also include additional savings with promotional code SOGOOD when entered at checkout. We'll update this link to GAP's Black Friday sale once it's live!View Deal

GameStop Black Friday Sale
On of the best spots to pickup gaming gear, GameStop's Black Friday sale will offer some great discounts on Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo products. With the release of Xbox Series X and the PS5 just around the corner, keep an eye on GameStop for some possible deals on the new consoles and their accessories.View Deal

HP Black Friday Sale
Deal hunters will find a ton of HP deals during Black Friday sales, with printers, laptops, desktops and more all getting major price cuts. Head over to HP today to save on some of HP's best products, but be sure to check back for even better deals as we get closer to HP's Black Friday sale.View Deal

Kirkland's Black Friday Sale
Shop for some of the best deals on home decor, furniture, art and lighting during Kirkland's biggest sale of the year. You can already find great discounts on home products today, but be sure to check back as we get closer to Black Friday for even more savings and deals to choose from.View Deal

Kohl's Black Friday Sale
Kohl's Black Friday deals offer the largest selection of home and personal goods on sale during Black Friday, with everything from children's clothing to jewelry, electronics and more on sale. Head over to Kohl's today to see what you can save on today.View Deal

Lenovo Black Friday Sale
Save big on ThinkPad, Yoga, and IdeaPad laptops with special discounts for students on teachers sitewide. With laptops starting as low as $300, Lenovo's the perfect place to save on laptops for kids as well as college students. We'll update this link to Lenovo's Black Friday sale once it's live!View Deal

Mattress Firm Labor Day Mattress Sale
One of the finest mattress stores around, Mattress Firm offers a massive selection of mattresses, bed frames, pillows and more. The Mattress Firm Black Friday sale landing page hasn't been updated quite yet to the new 2020 deals and sales, but you can still find solid deals on products sitewide by heading to their Sales section.View Deal

Microsoft Black Friday Sale
Head over to the Microsoft store to save up to 10% on select Surface, desktop PCs, laptops, and more for a limited time. Discounts of up to $450 on select PCs as well as price drop son the Surface Go 2, Surface Pro 7, and more. Students can also receive office completely free! We'll update this link to Microsoft's Black Friday sale page once it's live!View Deal

Newegg Black Friday Sale
With one of the largest selections of home electronics, tech and PC parts, Newegg is a must-stop-shop for computer enthusiasts looking to save on parts and accessories. Black Friday deals haven't started yet at Newegg, but you can still save with Newegg's Shell Shocker daily deals!View Deal

Ninja Black Friday Sale
Ninja hasn't kicked off its Black Friday sale yet, but you can already find a few of Ninja's most popular appliances on sale right now with special promo codes taking up to $40 off select pressure cookers and grills. We'll update this link to Ninja's Black Friday sale as soon as it's live!View Deal

Old Navy Black Friday Sale
Save big with up to 60% off select kids clothing, shoes, and accessories sitewide. Deals on casual clothing as well as uniforms are available, including pants, skirts, face masks, and more. Old Navy also offers free shipping on orders $50 or more. We'll update this link with Old Navy's Black Friday sale once it's live!View Deal

Overstock Labor Day Furniture Sale
Head on over to Overstock's End of Summer Super Sale and save up to 70% on thousands of furniture pieces. This is your chance to save big on patio furniture, home decor, office furniture and more during Overstock's last major sale until Black Friday later this year. Overstock is also offering free shipping on basically every item too!View Deal

Nike Black Friday Sale
Some of Nike's hottest styles will be on sale during Black Friday, with deals on shoes, clothing, and accessories site and store wide. While Nike's Black Friday sale hasn't kicked off just yet, you can head over now and save up to 25% on next season's styles for a limited time.View Deal

PacSun Black Friday Sale
Looking to score some new digs for cheap? PacSun's Black Friday sale will have some of the best deals on jeans, shoes, and more for that Cali style you've always been after. PacSun's Black Friday sale isn't live just yet, but check back and we'll have this link updated as soon as it's live!View Deal

Razer Black Friday Sale
While Razer's Black Friday sale isn't live just yet, there's plenty of savings to be found right now on Blade 15 laptops and more. Anyone looking to get a killer deal on a gaming laptop this Black Friday should keep an eye out on Razer. We'll update this link to Razer's Black Friday sale as soon as it's live!View Deal

Sephora Black Friday Sale
A great place to find one of the largest selections of personal care and beauty supplies, Sephora offers a great mix of products for those looking to stock up during Black Friday. We're still waiting on Sephora to kick off their Black Friday sale, but you can still save right now by checking out Sephora's deal section today.View Deal

SKECHERS Black Friday Sale
Now through August 8th, SKECHERS is offering 25% off sitewide on men's, women's and children's shoes when you use coupon code PLAY at checkout. Save on top selling styles for adults and kids for a limited time. We'll update this link to SKECHERS' Black Friday sale once it's live!View Deal

Target Black Friday Sale
An excellent store for saving on everything from home decor to baby products, technology and outdoor gear, Target's Black Friday sale will offer one of the best rounded out selections of deals and products to save on this year. You can save right now with top deals and clearance items, but Target's Black Friday sale is still some time away.View Deal

Ulta Black Friday Sale
While we still have some time before Ulta's Black Friday sale begins, this'll be the place to check out for deals on make up, cosmetics and other personal beauty products. You can already save quite a bit on products including foundation, face serums, and more if you head over to Ulta's special offers page today.View Deal

Sears Black Friday Sale
While Sears' Black Friday 2020 sale isn't live just yet, you can head over to their Hot Deals section today to find savings on products site wide. Tools, appliances, clothing and more are all on sale right now with discounts of up to 50% off.View Deal

SKECHERS Black Friday Sale
With sales on shoes for the whole family, SKECHERS Black Friday sale with offer hundreds of discounts on men's, women's and children's shoes, sneakers and sandals. From cross trainers to casual loafers, SKECHERS has a huge selection to choose from. SKECKERS' Black Friday Sale isn't live just yet, but we'll update this link when it is!View Deal

Vans Black Friday Sale
Browse through Vans' entire selection of Back to School shoes. Shoes and sandals starting at just $40, with classic styles like Old Skool low tops, custom color Old Skool styles and more. Vans also offers free three day shipping on orders within the continental US. We'll update this link to Vans' Black Friday sale once it's live!View Deal

Vaya Mattress Black Friday Sale
An excellent mattress that blends outstanding comfort with an affordable price tag, Vaya Mattresses offer an excellent alternative for those looking to upgrade to memory foam without killing their bank account. Vaya's Black Friday sale hasn't kicked off just yet, but you can currently save up to $300 on select mattresses!View Deal

Verizon Black Friday Sale
Verizon hasn't kicked off their Black Friday sale just yet, but you can still find great savings on phones and other accessories right now! Head on over to Verizon's deal page under the Shop menu to check out all of Verizon's best deals on iPhones, plans and more!View Deal

Zappos Black Friday Sale
Find just about everything from shoes to hoodies, backpacks and more all on sale at Zappos, with special discounts on select boy's and girl's clothing and accessories. Save on name brands including Billabong, Nike, adidas and more. We'll update this link to Zappo's Black Friday sale once it's live!View Deal

Zoma Black Friday Sale
An incredible mattress for those with active lifestyles, Zoma's Black Friday sale has already kicked off with a special coupon that takes of $150 from any mattress! Use coupon code BF150 at checkout and save today, or use code BOGO50 to buy one queen pillow and get a second 50% off.View Deal

Black Friday News

September 13 – Home Depot recently announced that instead of their usual Black Friday weekend sale, they'll be extending it for an entire two months. While they have not provided the official starting date of this new two month Black Friday deal extravaganza, they have hinted that it'll most likely kick off in early October.

This is incredible news for anyone looking to do some home redecorating or renovations, as Home Depot usually brings discounts of up to 40% or more on appliances and other home-centric products. Some good news around this as well, if Home Depot is looking into starting this new trend of two months of Black Friday sales, chances are we'll see other retailers follow suit and extend their Black Friday deals as well.

They may not go for a full two months as Home Depot is, but they may give us an extra week or two of killer deals to shop through.

(Image credit: Home Depot)

August 24 – While Black Friday is still a few months away, now is the perfect time to start thinking about your holiday Christmas shopping. Yes, Black Friday sales are the best time to catch a good deal but with how this year has played out it's a safe bet that there may be some delays or issues with shipping products.

If you want to avoid any potential issues, be sure to check out the upcoming sales prior to Black Friday. You'll still find great deals and huge discounts, but you can avoid the hassle of late shipments or out of stock items. Labor Day is just around the corner, followed closely by Amazon Prime Day, so there will be plenty of chances to find that perfect gift at an excellent price!

(Image credit: Amazon)

August 21 – With less than 100 days to go before Black Friday sales are in full swing, start keeping an eye out on retailers kicking of Labor Day sales and the like. While Black Friday sales are the best time to find the cheapest deals, you can still save big at some of your favorite stores.

Many have Deals or Sales sections that house their entire selection of discounted products. In some cases, you can find deals just as good as the ones you'd find during Black Friday sales and deals!. Head on over to T3's Best Labor Day Sales 2020 guide to see some of the best Labor Day deals on appliances, furniture, home decor and more!.

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