3 mistakes everyone makes with the Samsung Galaxy Watch

Stop annoying notifications and get the most out of your Samsung Galaxy Watch by avoiding these mistakes

Samsung Galaxy Watch4
(Image credit: Samsung)

We have loved the Samsung Galaxy Watch series since the very first version, even though it took Samsung a while to fully realise the smartwatch's full potential and didn't actually do that much in the beginning. We don't have that feeling anymore though, the latest Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is one of the very best smartwatches. The health and fitness tracking that originally overpromised and underdelivered are part of our daily habits, we've nailed the notifications so we're not getting nagged all the time and it looks pretty good too.

Everybody uses their Samsung Galaxy Watch in different ways, but there are some things we all do – and some mistakes we think most of us make too. We've already outlined the top six mistakes you're probably making with your Samsung Galaxy Watch, but now here are three more!

1. Not personalising the watch faces

One of the best things about the Samsung Galaxy Watch is the number of personalisation options available. Not only can you select different watch faces (which I would hope you already know about) but you can also personalise those faces.

You can select a different colour, different font, font colour, or different hands. This is great for tailoring your smartwatch to a certain outfit.

You can also select different widgets (or 'complications'). For example, I find the standard faces often feature some sort of activity tracking, but I have no interest in this, so I usually swap it for the weather or music controls.

2. Not using Theatre mode at the cinema

Most of these tips are simple ways you can improve your Samsung Galaxy Watch experience, but this one is a must for all owners. If I see you making this mistake, I'll tut loudly and give you a disapproving glare

The Samsung Galaxy Watch has Theatre Mode which will stop it from lighting up, vibrating, or ringing when you receive a new notification. This will stop you from annoying your fellow cinema-goers.

3. Settling for the standard menu background

Obviously, you knew that you could personalise watch faces, but did you know you can personalise the menu backgrounds as well? If you're not a big fan of the standard dark background that Samsung uses, then you can change it in the companion app by going to 'Display' then 'Background style'.

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