The best 32-inch TVs: perfect bedroom, office and kitchen TVs

The best 32-inch TVs have smart platforms and even HDR support – going compact doesn't mean giving up all the latest tech

Best 32-inch TVs
(Image credit: LG, Panasonic)

While it's true that our list of the best TVs tends to be dominated by big home-cinema beasts, we know there's still room for the best 32-inch TVs in people's lives. In fact, sometimes there's only room for a 32-inch TV in your life, which is why we want to make sure we help you choose the best one!

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While some might be able to fit one of the best 43-inch TVs in the bedroom, generally that size and larger (such as the best 48- to 50-inch TVs, the best 55-inch TVs or bigger) will be heading for the living room. For bedrooms, kids' rooms, offices and kitchens, 32-inch TVs are usually much easier to accommodate.

That said, we also know lots of people still want a living-room TV that's as minimal as possible, or that costs as little as can be, so the best 32-inch TVs are a great choice there too. As a result, there’s still strong demand for smaller Full HD TVs, so we'll take you through what the best options are.

Best 32-inch TV: Is this the right size for you?

It’s hard to believe that a 32-inch TV was once considered huge, but these days this screen size has been relegated to second TV status. They tend to be used in locations where space is a premium or you want to view the screen up close: that means kitchens, offices, bathrooms and gyms. But for those wanting a smart screen to fit into a smaller space, the humble 32-inch Full HD TV is the ideal choice.

Obviously, don't choose one if what you really want is cinematic thrills and the height of technology – let's be realistic that the focus here is getting a good clear pictures.

If you are looking to see them at full quality, you'll be aiming to sit around six feet away.

Best 32-inch TV: What to look for

The 32-inch TV is the last bastion of Full HD, so don’t expect to find any 4K panels on screens this size. That’s not really a great loss: Ultra HD is hardly going to wow you with a picture this small

However, some 32-inch TVs still offer HDR support, which gives you a better picture overall. If you can, we recommend grabbing one with this feature, because it helps to make images look more lifelike and rich – it's one of the few recent TV technology improvements that's just as effective on smaller screens as big ones. Streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney+ all offer HDR support for movies and TV.

Otherwise TVs at this size tend to be fairly stripped down in terms of features, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t enjoy a decent smart platform that supports the main video streaming services.

And if you want to get more comprehensive with your smart features (or if any streaming apps you want to be able to use are missing), check out the best media streamers – these small boxes plug into the HDMI port and add a wealth of apps, and start from under £40/$40.

Best 32-inch TVs: the list

Best 32-inch TV: LG 32LM6300

(Image credit: LG)

1. LG 32LM6300

The best 32-inch TV overall

Reasons to buy
+Excellent smart platform+Full HD resolution+HDR support+3x HDMI inputs
Reasons to avoid
-Nothing at this price

When it comes to the best 32-inch TVs, the LG LM63 is proof you don’t need to compromise on features just because the screen’s small. This Full HD LCD TV sports a simple but sophisticated design that offers a choice of stand or wall mounting. There’s no shortage of connections either with three HDMI inputs, two USB ports and built-in Wi-Fi.

There’s a direct backlight and quad-core processing for improved upscaling, sharper images and more accurate colours. There’s also full calibration controls and a range of picture modes that includes one with a low input lag for gaming. The LM63 even supports HDR10 and HLG, with the latter used by BBC iPlayer.

It’s with video streaming services that this 32-inch TV is at its strongest, boasting LG’s award-winning webOS smart platform. This responsive and intuitive system offers a comprehensive choice of services, including Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, Apple TV+, and all the UK catch-up services.

The LM63 also has Freeview HD and satellite tuners, allowing you to enjoy all your favourite broadcast programming. There’s even Dolby Audio and a virtual surround mode, making this diminutive star the 32-inch smart TV to beat.

Best 32-inch TV: Samsung UE32N5300

(Image credit: Samsung)

2. Samsung UE32N5300

Packed with the best smart TV features

Reasons to buy
+Excellent smart features+Full HD resolution+Gaming features
Reasons to avoid
-No HDR support

The Samsung N5300 is another strong contender for best 32-inch TV, and for similar reasons. Despite its reduced panel size and simplified design, this Full HD LCD model still delivers a complete smart TV experience.

It’s easy to setup with the SmartThings app, and offers a comprehensive set of video streaming services. So whether its Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, Apple TV+ or catch-up services, this 32-inch stunner has you covered. To ensure you’re not overwhelmed by choice, there’s even a universal guide to make recommendations.

The N5300 includes built-in W-Fi and a Freeview HD tuner for the UK, and there’s a pair of HDMI inputs and a USB port as well.

The picture quality is also good thanks to quad-core image processing, while Micro Dimming Pro ensures deeper blacks and brighter whites – as much as is possible at this smaller size. Gamers should be happy too, with a low input lag and the included Steam Link feature for streaming to it from your PC. For a bedroom gaming TV, it's pretty ideal.

Best 32-inch TV: Sony KDL-32WE613

(Image credit: Sony)

3. Sony KDL-32WE613

The best 32-inch TV for sport

Reasons to buy
+Excellent image processing+HDR support
Reasons to avoid
-Only HD Ready

The Sony WE61 is another great 32-inch TV that manages to cram in plenty of features despite a reduced amount of screen real estate. This HD Ready LCD TV benefits from Sony’s customary flair with an elegant design, and narrow frame thanks to edge LED backlighting. There’s even cable management to keep things tidy.

The WE61 delivers a superior picture performance with a host of image features, including Sony’s X-Reality PRO processor, Dynamic Contrast Enhancer, HDR support and Live Colour technology. There’s even Motionflow XR for smoother motion when you’re watching football, and ClearAudio+ for improved sound quality.

This 32-inch smart TV isn’t as comprehensive as LG and Samsung, but still supports the usual suspects like Netflix and YouTube. There’s also Freeview Play for easy access to all the UK catch-up services. For broadcast UK TV there’s a Freeview HD tuner, and if you want to connect another device, Sony includes a pair of HDMI inputs and two USB ports.

Best 32-inch TV: Panasonic TX-32FS503B

(Image credit: Panasonic)

4. Panasonic TX-32FS503B

The best 32-inch TV for picture accuracy

Reasons to buy
+Great picture accuracy+HDR support
Reasons to avoid
-Only 720p HD Ready

The Panasonic FS503 largely mirrors the Sony when it comes to design and features, making it another solid 32-inch TV. This HD Ready LCD model also uses an LED backlight and sports a sleek and minimalist design with a choice of stand or wall mounting.

There are plenty of processing features to ensure top-notch picture quality, such as high contrast performance, HDR support and adaptive backlight dimming. There’s also a host of picture modes, including dedicated sport and game modes, along with calibration controls.

This 32-inch smart TV includes Panasonic’s My Home Screen 3.0, allowing you to enjoy streaming services like Netflix and YouTube. In addition, all the UK catch-up services can be accessed via Freeview Play, and for live TV there’s a Freeview HD tuner.

In terms of connections there are two HDMI inputs, a pair of USB ports and built-in Wi-Fi. Finally, a decent audio system is augmented by a number of sound modes, including virtual surround, rounding out a strong 32-inch TV.