Vitamix Ascent 2300i review: okay, THIS is the Vitamix you want

The pinnacle of Vitamixology, Vitamix Ascent 2300 is America's blender

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Vitamix Ascent A2300
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The Vitamix A2300i has a warranty that will outlast most things in your house and it has features that allow you to keep adding to it for the foreseeable future. It's the model in the Vitamix lineup that has everything you need, without paying for extras you won't use

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Compact yet powerful

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    Compatible with multiple accessories

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    Long warranty

Reasons to avoid
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    Switch and dial quality could be better

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Here's the Vitamix Ascent 2300i review in a sentence: it's a real quality blender that will last longer than most things in your home. Just please don't use it to blend iPhones on YouTube.

Close to ten years ago my wife said we needed to buy the best blender we could afford at the time. I thought I knew about blenders but this was a blender unlike any other blender out there. It was also the most expensive blender I'd ever heard of. I was skeptical but we went ahead and got a Vitamix.

Life has a way of changing a lot in 10 years. After moving states and cycling becoming a much bigger part of my life, I started using our Vitamix almost every day. That was about 5 years ago. Think about the products you've used in your life. How many have lasted for over 10 years including years of near daily use? That's what Vitamix users expect and when it comes to the Vitamix brand 10 years, or more, isn't at all unusual.

The reputation of quality that Vitamix upholds has carried it to its 100th anniversary in 2021. The brand was there long before air fryers and sous vide machines were an important part of the public consciousness. When the hippies of the 70s were espousing natural ingredients, Vitamix had already existed for 50 years. When you start exploring the modern Vitamix offerings it's against this backdrop.

If you are new to the world of high-end blenders Vitamix may sound strange. Once you start exploring the segment it's unlikely that you'll be crossing Vitamix products off your list. Still, even with a stellar reputation, and long history, not every product a company makes is perfect. Is the Vitamix Ascent 2300 as good as its reputation?

 Vitamix Ascent 2300i: Price and Availability? 

 The Vitamix Ascent 2300 is available for purchase now. Pricing through Amazon is £449.00 in the UK and $449.95 in the US. If you want to save a bit of money, and storage space, over two kitchen appliances grab the optional food processor attachment. The Vitamix 12-Cup Food Processor Attachment with SELF-DETECT™ will cost $199.95 through Amazon. 

Two views of the Vitamix android app

The addition of Bluetooth and what it makes possible is what makes the Ascent series. The app is just one piece of that.

(Image credit: Josh Ross)

 Vitamix Ascent 2300i: What is it? 

Vitamix has three product lines with the Ascent series being the top of the line. It is the most forward thinking and versatile of what Vitamix currently sells. Prices range from $449 to $549 but they all include the same 2.2hp motor as well as an unheard of 10-year warranty. The warranty is not only long but covers "all parts, performance, labor, and two-way shipping at no cost to you."

At the bottom of the Ascent series is the 2300. All the Ascent series bases have 10 speeds, a Bluetooth radio, and a pulse control. The 2300 stops there. The 2300 represents the workhorse model without the extra niceties. Look higher up the model options if you want a programmable auto-off timer, touch screen, or program settings.

The big news with the Ascent line, and the 2300, is the Bluetooth radio and what that allows. By including a Bluetooth radio Vitamix has allowed both app control and access to a wide range of accessories. It is what makes the Vitamix A2300 what it is.

Vitamix A2300 on white

The Vitamix A2300 is a quality and understated design.

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 Vitamix Ascent 2300: What’s The Design Like? 

The Vitamix A2300 is a rather understated design. The main body is a glossy black plastic with a rubber cover at the top. In the front, at the bottom, there is an accent panel sporting the Vitamix logo. The panel is a simple gray plastic. Move up from the accent panel and you get to the heart of the controls. There is an inset panel that begins with a matte black plastic. In the center are the controls and the upper portion is a large field of gloss black with a small screen at the top.

The controls consist of three pieces. On either side is a thick black plastic switch and in the center is a large plastic dial. The switches have a solid feel to the movement but are light to the touch. The right switch is the on and off while the left is a pulse control. The center dial controls the speed. The speed dial has a well damped movement but it's also light to the touch. The materials are all high quality but there's nothing that screams look at me.

Pick the thing up and there's a heft to it. It's at this point it starts to feel a little more special. This unit is all about the motor and it's when you first pick it up that this becomes clear. Not only is it weighty but it's big. Thankfully while the base is large and weighty the included container is short and stout. With the two pieces combined the A2300 is short enough to comfortably fit under most standard cabinets.

Placing the container on the base is a moment when you feel like you are holding something a bit special. The container is one of the highest quality touch points on the Vitamix A2300. The plastics used are easy to clean and clear in a way most plastic isn't. It's not glass but it feels very high quality and the blade circle does a good job filling the bottom of the unit. Reach down and touch those blades and they exude quality.

Vitamix Ascent 64oz Container

The included 64oz low profile container is a thing of beauty.

(Image credit: Vitamix)

 Vitamix Ascent 2300: What’s Included? 

Open the box and there are four pieces. The most important part is the motor base. In most blenders this is just the motor but for the Vitamix Ascent think of it like a platform. With an Ascent series motor base. You have the ability to pair with any Self-Detect Containers. While most blenders leave you with only one container option Vitamix has a range of compatible container sizes. Perhaps even more interesting is the option to add a food processor. 

While there are options for containers, in the box you will find the 64-ounce Low-Profile Container. The large capacity allows for blending six to twelve servings in a single batch but the height remains low enough for storing. At 10 inches tall you won't need to turn the container on it's side although at 17 inches on the base you will probably need to separate the two pieces. 

The container is a clear plastic construction using BPA-Free Eastman Tritan®. This particular plastic is rather unique. It's exceptionally clear and tough, as well as weighty with a 2.2lbs weight for the container. Both the container and lid are dishwasher-safe, or let them self-clean by blending a drop of dish soap and warm water for 35 seconds. Look inside the container and you will see the Laser-cut blades. Built from hardened stainless steel they are tough and long lasting. 

At the top of the container is a clear top with a leak-proof seal. It can be tough to get on but it's a solid seal and it lets you see progress. In the center is a removable, vented lid plug. Take it out for venting hot soup, or add ingredients while blending. In a clever design detail, it also doubles as a 2-ounce measuring cup. 

To go with the container, you will find a tamper. Sometimes you need to move stuff around while blending and this is how you can make it happen. Instead of playing a game of will it blend, grab the tamper. You can be confident that the tamper will not touch the bottom of the container or blades. 

The last thing of note in the box is the "Simply Blending Cookbook." I've been using a Vitamix for a long time and I'm not one for cookbooks anyway but this one isn't just packaging filler. It's a high-quality piece that immediately gave me a new idea and had me making shaved ice within a few minutes. Even if you are an experienced Vitamix user it's worth taking a few minutes to check this book out.

Top-down view into Vitamix Ascent container showing the blades.

Quality blades easily crush ice and pulverize vegetables. 

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 Vitamix Ascent 2300: Performance

Dropping food into the container is a joy compared to the taller, thinner, containers. It's easy to reach in and there's plenty of room to get smoothie ingredients for one down at the bottom close to the blade. Unlike those thinner containers it doesn't much matter if you drop the ice or the soft food in first.

At this point make sure you've got the lid secured because you are going to make a mess otherwise. There's not much ability to start slowly even if you've got the power turned down. There's a lot of power and it jumps to life rather suddenly. The lower speeds are more than enough power for crushing ice and aren't too loud. Turn the dial towards full power though and get ready for a lot to happen. Not only is there lots of noise but the air expelled from the side is pretty dramatic. There's no second guessing that this is a powerful system when you watch it spinning at full power.

If all you do is make smoothies, and maybe an occasional margarita. There's still nothing quite like a Vitamix. The ice crushing power is pretty incredible. Still, that's probably not all you want to do with it so let's talk about some of the other features. 

You can make juice from fruits and vegetables and it's better for you than using a juicer. By pulverizing the pulp, instead of separating it, you get the benefit of all that fiber staying a part of the juice. You can also make frozen concoctions that Vitamix calls ice cream. I think that's a stretch. Mostly you can make a very thick smoothie. Still very good, just different.

Any kind of nutmilk is a nothing affair. You won't be stressing the motor even a little if you make almond milk at home. Same with nut butter although it's not terribly easy to get nut butter out of the bottom. Instead of the blender you will be better off swapping to the food processor attachment. The power is more than enough though.

One of the big headline features is making soup in the Vitamix. They all have the capability however the larger motor makes things quicker. Let me just say, it does actually work. In fact, it works quite well. It's a little odd at first but if you want a soup with a smooth mouthfeel there's nothing like it. You will not get that same texture using an immersion blender. Use an Instant Pot to cook an acorn squash then combine it with additional ingredients in the Vitamix for an incredible soup that is very easy to make.

Aside from being a really good blender the Ascent series has a few more features. I mentioned a couple of times that this blender has Bluetooth. That comes into play with the Vitamix app. I doubt this is going to see a lot of use for most people but it is an interesting extra feature. If you'd like to have auto-off capabilities on the Ascent 2300 the app will give you that. It more or less replaces the preprogrammed modes available on the higher models. It's less convenient because it requires using the app but the capability is there.

Aside from that the app is mostly a recipe book. The recipes work with the Vitamix scale or you can just follow the recipe with any scale. All of the nutritional information is there if you'd like it, and while there are tons of recipes available online the Vitamix options are good.

Vitamix Ascent series with food processor attachment

Choosing an Ascent series base gives flexibility if you want to add a food processor, or other attachments, later.

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 So is the Vitamix Ascent 2300 any good?

You aren't going to regret buying a Vitamix. They last forever, have tons of power, and they have incredible warranties. There's an upfront cost but if you can make it work for you then it might be the last blender you ever buy. The only real question is which Vitamix to get. 

The choice of which to buy comes down to future capability. Choose something in the Ascent line and you can take advantage of whatever comes next without needing a new base. The Ascent 2300 gives you all of the power, performance, and expandability of the Ascent lineup at a great price.  The Ascent 2300 has potential add-on capabilities but it also has concrete advantages today. The 10-year warranty, the Bluetooth capability, and the 2.2hp motor all come in the box. 

Josh Ross