Toshiba 40VL758 review

Styled by Jacob Jensen, this 40-incher is a formidable fashionista

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Build quality

  • +

    Slick Jacob Jensen design

  • +

    Resolution+ picture processin

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Uneven Edge LED backlight

  • -

    Limited multimedia support

  • -

    Limited web offering

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The Toshiba 40VL758 LED TV sports the maker's Resolution+ technology along with BBC iPlayer and YouTube as well as Jacob Jenson-designed chassis

With superior build quality and excellent image technology, the Toshiba 40VL758 is not your average mainstream gogglebox.

Toshiba 40VL758: Features

There's not too much frippery of note here. Toshiba's online portal, Places, has yet to really get it together, but the TV does offer YouTube and BBC iPlayer, so it's not a total bust. Media playback from USB is solid, with a wide variety of material playable, including AVIs, MOVs and MKV. Across a network it disappoints, with video playback limited to MPEG files.

Toshiba 40VL758: Design

This Toshiba is several steps up the ladder in terms of finish and build. From the hefty stand and edge-to-edge glass faceplate, it oozes quiet class.

Toshiba 40VL758: Specs

General connectivity is good. You get four HDMIs, one component, a Scart, AV phonos, PC input, Ethernet, CI slot and two USBs. Given its extreme thinness, a mere 30mm, adaptors are supplied to connect analogue sources.

Toshiba 40VL758: Performance

While the Full HD edge-lit LED backlighting is a little uneven, detail reproduction is excellent and black levels deep. One of Toshiba's star technology turns is Resolution+, a picture improvement technique which first saw the light of day as a DVD enhancement.

The processing definitely does what's intended. We found it extracts nuance and texture from an image without creating obvious ringing effects. Sonically, the set is a tad strident, although faux surround post processing creates a decent stereo spread.

Toshiba 40VL758: Verdict

Overall, this is a really rather spiffy screen. Build quality and design punch above their weight and image quality with HD material is sharp and rewarding. What lets the side down somewhat is shrill audio and spotty multimedia playback. While there's only a limited amount of IPTV content available, the essentials are present and the overall UI is unfussy and clean.

Toshiba 40VL758 availability: Availble now

Toshiba 40VL758 price: £850

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