Sol Republic Tracks HD V10 review

Can the Sol Republic Tracks HD V10 beat Beats at their own game?

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Great bass

  • +

    Built to last

  • +


Reasons to avoid
  • -

    No noise-cancelling tech

  • -

    Some sound leakage

  • -

    Cord could be longer

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The Sol Republic Tracks HD V10 are bass-heavy cans in the style of Beats by Dre, but they won't break the bank

You may not have heard of Sol Republic, but the company is positioning itself as young and hip, pumping out cans for skaters and their ilk. Think of it as a more high-end version of Skullcandy. The Sol Republic Tracks HD V10 are the second most expensive pair it does, playing second fiddle to the Sol Republic Tracks Ultra V12, which will set you back £50 more.

Sol Republic Tracks HD V10: Design

Open the box and straightaway you'll see these cans are different to most, because you have to build them yourself. But don't worry, you won't need a degree in electronics, just slot the earpieces into the headband and plug in the cord. The earpieces slide along the headband, meaning the Sol Republic Tracks HD V10 will fit everyone from bigheads to pinheads.

They come in eight colours, and the headphones are interchangeable, so you can buy different headbands (£25) or cables (£16) to change the look.

Sol Republic Tracks HD V10: Comfort

The leather earpads make these cans very comfortable indeed, though they're not as big as those on the Beats Executive, or Beats by Dre Pro Beats. This means you do get some sound leaking in from your surroundings, which you'll really notice if you're on a loud train, or by a busy road.

You can always just turn the volume up of course, but it's not ideal. Walk around town in a pair of Sol Republic Tracks HD V10 and you won't feel nearly as isolated as in some proper noise-cancelling cans, like the Bose Quiet Comfort 3.

Sol Republic Tracks HD V10: Durability

The headband on the Sol Republic Tracks HD V10 is very flexible, so you can happily yank them off your head and toss them across the room. The earpieces have metal backs too, and the cord is nice and thick. Basically, you can chuck these in a bag and not worry about them getting damaged. But if you are the worrying kind, Sol Republic has thrown in a handy carry pouch.

Sol Republic Tracks HD V10: Sound quality

Sound quality is great, with bass that easily rivals the Beats by Dre Solo. The bass isn't overpowering either, as with some cans, so you still get decent mids and highs. The sound is also a lot more full than cheaper headphones. They might not be as clear as a studio pair, but at this price it's hard to argue, especially with controls on the cord, and the fact they double as a handsfree kit for your phone.

Sol Republic Tracks HD V10: Verdict

The Sol Republic Tracks HD V10 are well-built, sound great, and come at a wallet-friendly price.

Sol Republic Tracks HD V10 release date: April 2013

Sol Republic Tracks HD V10 price: £99.99