Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress review: a firm investment that will treat you right

Can the Origin Hybrid Pro challenge for the best memory foam mattress? Here's our review...

Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress
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T3 Verdict

Utilising sophisticated German technology for multiple cooling properties and titanium springs used in the aerospace industry, the Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress is ideal for anyone that suffers from overheating and is looking for a better night's sleep.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Soft and silky feel that never gets old

  • +

    Aerospace-Grade Titatanium Springs are a game-changer

  • +

    Cool fabric is excellent for those that sweat more a night

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    A lot of plastic waste

  • -

    Very heavy and a bit awkward to get upstairs

  • -

    Super King is quite pricey

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Engineered in Germany and positioned as Origin's "most comfortable, cooling and advanced mattress yet," I spent a month with the Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress to see if it really lives up to those claims.

First making its way overseas, the Origin Hybrid Pro is a memory foam mattress with eight layers created with suitable fibres and materials. It's won numerous awards down under and is set to arrive in the UK this August, so I was curious to get my hands on it.

Immediately its numerous layers and sleek look caught my eye, even if it wasn't the easiest to manoeuvre up a flight of stairs. What really sets it apart is the technology built in that near-immediately helped with my sleeping habits, keeping me cool as a cucumber throughout some of the hottest nights in Spring.

Unlike Emma, Simba and Panda which are relatively well known in the UK – many of their designs can be found on our best mattress list – Origin is new to the game. The German team was only established in 2018 but is already making a splash on the market. There's a good chance you'll be hearing the name more in the coming years.

Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress review: Unboxing

Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress

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This isn't the first time I've seen a memory foam mattress in action, and it likely won't be the last, but I'm still amazed every time I open the box and witness the mattress unfold in a matter of minutes. Considering the sheer amount of mattress squeezed into the box for shipping, the five minutes it takes to unfurl is magical. I lay the Origin Hybrid Pro on the bed, sliced through the plastic wrapping and it grew out from there. Easy and simple.

While the heavy-duty polythene that is used to vacuum pack in the mattress is as impressive as it sounds, it still required two strong people to physically lift the box up some stairs as opposed to sliding – nowhere near as awkward as a regular mattress yet it was still a bit of a pain. All of that technology under the hood must go somewhere as this thing weighs a tonne. It wasn't until out of the box that it started to become more manageable.

Additionally, the amount of plastic used felt a bit excessive. It's great that for every mattress sold by Origin will result in one tree planted in return but I do wonder how energy efficient having this much plastic in the box is. It might be a tiny nitpick but another qualm was the lack of handles to help manoeuvre the mattress, having nothing to grab onto except for the sides themselves. I understand the design might suffer but practically it would make movement much easier. Speaking of which... 

Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress review: Design

Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress

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The eight layers that make up the 12-inch Origin Hybrid Pro mattress are certainly impressive. From the cooling and ridiculously soft PolarSilk Tencel of layer one to the dense D-3 Edge Support utilised on layer eight, this is a sophisticated bit of kit. The Aerospace-Grade Titatanium Springs (found on layer 7) were particularly excellent. I'm usually very conscious of the pressure from springs, never quite sure what's better or worse for my back. These did the job, though. I wasn't continuously rolling from side to side, which really helped me from the first night.

It also features Graphite Crystal Latex on layer two, HexaGrid Plus on layer three and Cooling Comfort Foam on layer six. This combined with the PolarSilk Tencel is what forms the cooling elements of the mattress. The only negative I could find is that the top layer cover is not removable, so the upkeep is a little excessive in comparison to others on the market.

The remaining layers comprise Micro-Weaved Wool (layer four) for breathability and increased air flow, as well as ErgoCoil Steel MicroSprings (layer five) that will respond to every movement. I struggled to notice the latter during my month with the mattress, potentially over the long term this will be different.

Looking at the design itself, and as previously mentioned, it's very sleek. It felt a shame to put a fitted sheet over it in some ways. This looked like a mattress from 2023 with a modern minimal design that was highly pleasing to the eye and a shiny finish that popped.

Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress review: Comfort

Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress

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I've never been a big fan of latex foam or polyurethane foam and the Origin Hybrid Pro only furthered my preference for memory foam. The padding was incredibly comforting and firm but not so hard that I walked away with bruises.

Best of all was its effectiveness on my history of overheating during the night.  I previously used a Mammoth mattress and sweated profusely, so by utilising the cooling technology from four of the seven layers, this really did feel like a game-changer.

Testing the king-size variant, I never felt like I was being swallowed by the mattress either (another reason why those advanced springs are such a revelation in my mind), with my skinny physique nestling into the fabric effortlessly. Not to mention I was able to get out of bed without disturbing my partner from the vibrations. Building on that, just generally when sleeping next to someone that is a fidget in bed, the movement felt minimised. No aches or pains, either.

Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress review: Pricing 

Pricing is naturally a major factor when deciding which mattress to invest in and thankfully, the Origin Hybrid Pro is very competitive with the current market costs... for the most part. The Single is available for A$699, the Small Double is A$719, the Double is A$769 and the King is A$899. However, there is a bit of a jump to the Super King at A$1,100 so that's worth thinking about before making the purchase.

Official UK pricing has yet to be announced. Regardless, it's great to see five variations available – especially that Small Double – giving more options to fit your own personal needs. Origin promises that every mattress has a 120-day money-back guarantee, so you get a few months to figure out if its the one for you. Additionally, it has a 15-year warranty (slightly higher than the average 10) as well as free delivery and free returns.

There's currently a 40% deal ongoing at Origin too, which makes the pricing even more appealing, something that should be taken advantage of if interested.

Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress review: Verdict

Following a month of experimenting with the Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress, I can comfortably say that it's a fantastic bit of kit with impressive cooling properties and Aerospace-Grade Titanium Springs that really did make a difference to my sleeping habits. The weight and unpacking process might have a couple of little niggles and its Super King might not be the cheapest out there, yet in the long term, it's a smart investment for a better night's sleep.

Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress review: Alternatives to consider

Simba Hybrid Pro review

(Image credit: Simba)

Still not sure if the Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress is the one for you? The Simba Hybrid Pro is another high-end hybrid memory foam mattress that was also found to be great with temperature regulation. It's also softer than the Origin in case you prefer something squishier than firm... It's won two T3 awards for a reason.

Alternatively, a cheaper option is the Happy Beds Ortho Royale which comes in Super King size too and has proven to be superb value for money.

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