JAM Audio TWS Athlete review: fantastic cheap true wireless earbuds for workouts

The JAM Audio TWS Athlete have ear hooks so they don’t budge during exercise

JAM Audio TWS Athlete review
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T3 Verdict

The JAM Audio TWS Athlete may not be the best-looking buds, but they are great for exercise. The flexible ear hooks keep them secure while you work out, and they’re sweatproof. There aren’t tonnes of extra features and the buttons aren’t comfortable to use, but the sound quality is decent and the battery is good enough too.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Great for workouts and running

  • +

    Decent sound quality

  • +

    Good battery life

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Bulky charging case

  • -

    Not the most attractive design

  • -

    No noise cancellation

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If there’s something you should take from this JAM Audio TWS Athlete review, it’s that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get a pair of decent earbuds for your workouts. 

JAM Audio sure do know their stuff when it comes to making some of the best budget wireless earbuds, and this pair is no different. They’re secure, simple and they sound alright too. For sports and exercise, they’re a great pick and you can be sure that they won’t budge at all. 

If you want a pair of the best true wireless earbuds that are cheap and a bit more discreet, then I would recommend looking towards the Nokia BH-205 Lite Earbuds. They are some of the best cheap true wireless earbuds you can buy if you want some that you can wear here, there and everywhere. They don't just look nice, they also have good battery life and decent sound. 

JAM Audio TWS Athlete review: price and availability

Available to buy now from retailers like Amazon, the JAM Audio TWS Athlete earbuds are very cheap. Prices start from £49.99 in the UK and AU$90 in Australia. Be sure to check the widgets on this page for more up to date pricing from retailers across the web.  

 JAM Audio TWS Athlete review: design and fit  

JAM Audio TWS Athlete review

(Image credit: Future)

Simple matte black earbuds, the JAM Audio TWS Athlete are triangular with large hooks which sit around the top of your ear to keep them secure. I like how simple the overall design is, it means they don’t look so chunky to wear although I still wouldn’t say they are attractive earbuds. You can also buy them in white, but that could make them stand out more. Each bud measures 86 x 57 x 36 mm and weighs 8g, so while they are on the larger side,  they’re not dramatically oversized. 

The buds come in a large matching charging case. It measures  120 x 150 x 40mm and weighs about 70g making it one of the bigger TWS cases I’ve seen. But given the fact that the earbuds themselves are quite big, the size of the case definitely makes sense. Four tiny LED lights sit on the front of the case, letting you know how much battery it has left, and there’s a USB-C charging port on the back. 

JAM Audio TWS Athlete review

(Image credit: Future)

You get three sizes of silicone ear tips in the box, I found they fit well but did give the sensation of plugging my ear entirely. To make sure they stay secure, each bud has a flexible plastic ear hook. They’re comfortable to wear over long periods of time, and most importantly the earbuds didn’t move at all when I worked out in them. Plus, having an IPX5 rating means these buds will be able to survive some sweat or light rain, although I wouldn’t submerge them completely as they may not be so good at dealing with that.

There’s a button on each headphone that lets you pause, play and skip through your music, as well as answer and hang up on phone calls - the only problem with it being an actual button is that you have to push the buds further into your ear to use it which can be a bit uncomfortable, especially as the button is quite stiff.

You get up to 6hrs of music from each bud, with an extra 4 full charges from the case, totalling 30 hours of music. It’s not the best you can get but it is pretty good going. It takes about 2 hours to recharge the buds to 100%.

JAM Audio TWS Athlete review: performance and features 

JAM Audio TWS Athlete review

(Image credit: Future)

Each earbud features a 6mm driver, that’s small considering how big they are. In use though, that doesn’t pose too much of a problem, I found that the audio was deep and clear. There’s definitely more of a focus on the bass than you get elsewhere, but if you’re using them for high-intensity workouts then that’s probably a good thing, it’ll definitely get your blood pumping.  

Admittedly the audio wasn't perfect, the treble sometimes sounded a little dull and the sound wasn’t always completely accurate. Then again, you can’t expect top-tier sound quality from a pair of cheap headphones, so the JAM Audio TWS Athlete buds are pretty good considering. 

Despite not having noise cancelling, they manage to isolate noise well because they have such a snug fit. You can still hear noises around you but they do a good job at dulling distractions. 

JAM Audio TWS Athlete review: verdict 

JAM Audio TWS Athlete review

(Image credit: Jam Audio)

For cheap true wireless earbuds that stay secure and can handle a bit of sweat, the JAM Audio TWS Athlete could be your best bet. 

The flexible ear hooks are comfortable and do their job well, the headphones won’t budge at all when you’re working out in them no matter what that might entail. You’ll also get decent sound, it’s not going to knock you off your feet like some of the best wireless headphones you can buy but it does a good enough job for this price point. 

If you don’t want to spend a king’s ransom on true wireless earbuds, and you want to use them to soundtrack your exercise routines, these are a great choice!

JAM Audio TWS Athlete review: also consider 

If you’re desperate for noise cancellation and you’re willing to spend a little more, consider the Skullcandy Indy ANC. As well as Active Noise Cancellation, you’ll get personalised sound and 9 hours of battery from a single charge although admittedly their design means they’re not ideal for super-sweaty workouts.

Another pair worth considering are the Creative Outlier Air V2, they’re just as cheap as the JAM Audio TWS Athlete but have a more discreet design. They’re sweatproof and secure so they can definitely be used for workouts. Plus the battery life is fantastic, you get 12 hours from a single charge! Those with small ears might find them uncomfortable, though. 

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