Bosch SKS62E32EU: should you buy Europe's favourite countertop dishwasher?

The Bosch SKS62E32EU dishwasher is a sized-down appliance for small kitchens, and nobody does it better

Bosch SKS62E32EU
(Image credit: Bosch)
T3 Verdict

The Bosch SKS62E32EU compact, worktop dishwasher is a brilliant buy for a small kitchen where a floorstanding model just won’t fit. It both washes and dries effectively, accommodating the necessary for a one or two-person household, plus it’ll keep the noise down

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Compact yet effective

  • +

    Quiet and easy to use

  • +

    6 programmes

  • +

    Speedy quick wash

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Quite pricey compared to its size

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Ranked the best tabletop dishwasher in our best dishwasher chart, the Bosch SKS62E32EU dishwasher is made for those who can’t surrender floor units to fit in an under-counter model, but won’t countenance doing the dishes by hand – and why should you?

It won’t be too imposing a presence on a kitchen worksurface, and while it may be small, it has a wide range of programmes as well as special options and other features shared with its full-sized relatives in the Bosch dishwasher line-up. That's why it's the only table-top dishwasher most people are aware of, or would consider buying.

But exactly what can the Bosch SKS62E32EU do, and how well? If you are wondering if this is the appliance for your bijou kitchenette, we’ve got good news.

Bosch SKS62E32EU dishwasher

(Image credit: Bosch)


  • Dimensions: H45 x W55.1 x D50cm
  • Energy rating: F
  • Place settings: 6
  • Noise level: 49dB

Bosch SKS62E32EU dishwasher

(Image credit: Bosch)

Bosch SKS62E32EU: Features

The stand-out feature of the Bosch SKS62E32EU dishwasher is, of course, its size. If you can’t sacrifice base units to fit a slimline under-counter dishwasher let alone a full-sized model, but you still want the convenience of a machine to do the washing-up for you, then the fact that it fits on the worktop is what counts above all.

The reduction of external dimensions means an un-Tardis like but logical reduction in those internally. However, there is enough room for plenty of plates, cups and mugs plus cutlery in a basket rather than the cutlery drawer found in full-size models. In fact, six place-settings worth of stuff in dishwasher terms. Of course, that means for one or two diners, there is room for plates, cutlery and pots and pans as well.

Despite being a petite model, there are still six different programmes on offer including auto 45 to 60ºC which adjusts to suit the load and dirtiness of dishes, and a quick wash that takes a minimum of just 29 minutes. It also gives you the chance to use an ExtraDry option with a higher temperature rinse cycle and longer drying phase if you’re washing a load that would otherwise necessitate the getting out of a tea towel. 

You can wash your favourite wine glasses without crossing your fingers by making use of the glass programme, which promises to be gentle, and pick between an eco cycle that saves water and electricity when your dishes aren’t too mucky and an intensive 70ºC cycle for burnt bits, and dried-on debris.

The big machine feature of time delay is also at your command should you wish to set it washing the plates after you’ve gone to bed, although with a 49dB noise level it shouldn’t be a nuisance while you are still up and about. 

This compact dishwasher is also sophisticated enough to let you know how much time remains on a programme and indicate that salt and rinse aid need refilling via its LED display. The control panel is user friendly, too.  

Bosch SKS62E32EU: Performance

This Bosch model and its predecessors – Bosch has dominated this niche market for decades – is quite literally the only machine of its type that anyone on T3 has ever owned. We loved it, and on the Bosch site, the average of their adjudication is 4.1 out of five, so we've given it 4 stars, which feels about right – it's not as good as a full-size model and it is quite expensive, for its size. 

Scoring highest from Bosch's notoriously picky customers are the range of programmes available on this mini machine, and its cleaning and drying results, which are both awarded 4.5 out of five on average.

The dishwasher’s purchasers note that it gets items spotlessly clean, and they come out dry, too. Buyers also remark that it has good capacity for the dishes, pots and pans of a couple or a single householder, and isn’t noisy.

The scores of those who bought their countertop dishwasher via AO produce an even better five-star average. Like Bosch's reviewers they praise its cleaning results, low noise and ability to fit large dinner plates as well as pans. 

Bosch SKS62E32EU: Verdict

Sizing down to a countertop dishwasher doesn’t mean the price falls in proportion to the lower capacity, and this model will make a decent dent in your bank balance. In fact, it’s one that could be larger than if you were buying a full-size freestanding appliance. It’s also worth noting that there isn’t a wide choice on offer if a tabletop rather than full-size or slimline dishwasher is what you’re after, and this version is on the pricey side.

But, all that said, we think it’s a top choice. Our reasons? First, it does its job really effectively, whether that’s washing or drying, making it worth your spend. It also offers a good range of the programmes and functions you’d get on a full-size dishwasher. For a singleton or a couple, it can also provide all the capacity that’s required. And, finally, its noise level is low enough not to be intrusive in a small home. 

The bottom line? For a small kitchen, it’s the undisputed champ.