BAIGIO Genuine Leather Crazy Horse Calfskin Bifold review

A lovely, snap-fasten, feature-packed wallet with an understated aesthetic

T3 Platinum Award

Reasons to buy

  • +

    Do-it-all feature set

  • +

    Looks class

Reasons to avoid

  • -

    Not a modern finish

Now this is just a lovely, classy wallet. First off, in a non-flashy way it looks great, with a soft dark brown leather finish tapering down to a brace of metallic snap fasteners. The fasteners secure the bifold wallet shut with aplomb, which is great, as the simple outward appearance of the wallet hides a feature-packed interior.

Open the wallet and you are presented with a dedicated cash pocket, a dedicated zipper-closed coin pocket, two driving license window slots and five credit card slots. Simply put, whatever way you want to carry currency, this wallet delivers.

So, should you buy this wallet? Well, the simple answer is yes, however the more complicated answer is maybe. There are more modern finishes available elsewhere, as too thinner and more suit-complementary options, so maybe evaluate how you are going to use the wallet before pulling the trigger. As a main, versatile currency carrier though, this is right up there.

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