361 Camino WP walking trainers review

Designed to explore the outdoors, 361’s Camino waterproof walking shoe couples a sporty, trainer-like design with rugged rubber soles that really mean business

361 Camino WP walking trainers
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T3 Verdict

Great comfort meets good grip in the 361 Camino WP, a surprisingly solid walking shoe that marries the look and feel of a sports trainer with big, bouncy and rugged soles. It’s not as suitable for running, but if you prefer a sneaker to a traditional walking shoe, this is a decent buy.

Reasons to buy
  • +


  • +

    Solid support

  • +

    Good grip

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Not suitable for running long distances

  • -

    Water-resistant rather than waterproof

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Launched in winter 2021, the Camino WP from running shoe company 361 Degrees aims to bridge the gap between walking shoe and a running trainer, featuring impressive levels of comfort and plenty of bounce in the soles. 

Does it work for both disciplines, though, and in all kinds of weather conditions? Can these really compete with both the best women's walking shoes (or men's walking shoes) and the best trail running shoes at the same time? There's only one way to find out, so I took a pair out hiking and jogging on my local forest trails. Here's my 361 Camino WP review.

361 Camino WP walking trainers review: Design and features

As you may have guessed, the ‘WP’ in the Camino’s name is to designate the waterproofing built into this shoe. I'd actually class it as water-resistant rather than waterproof – the upper fabric will repel light rain, but isn’t hefty enough to keep heavy rain at bay for long. The plus side is that the woven fabric upper of the Camino is more breathable than most walking shoes – great for hot summer days when you need more protection than a walking sandal but don’t want to overheat.

I was impressed by this shoe’s grip when on test – the Camino offers good confidence-giving grip on more challenging terrain, so it’s easy to control your pace and balance even as you navigate slippery going. If you’re into faster-paced hiking on more challenging terrain, this is a shoe that will keep up.

I also like the athletic looks of the Camino, and if you favour wearing trainers with jeans when you aren’t out hiking, these will be comfy for casual use too – so you’ll get more bang for your buck.

361 Camino WP walking trainers

(Image credit: Sian Lewis)

361 Camino WP walking trainers review: performance and comfort

The 361 Camino is billed as a versatile hiker that you can also run in. I liked them for walking, more technical hiking and even for cycling, but I found them on the bulky and heavy side for a running, due to their large and solid rubber soles. If you’re in the market for running shoes, I'd shop elsewhere, but if you already own a favourite running shoe and want similar comfort and looks specifically for walking trips, this design will deliver. 

361 Camino WP walking trainers

(Image credit: Sian Lewis)

Where the Camino does tick all our boxes is when it comes to comfort and fit. I found the Camino WP pleasingly comfortable from the get-go, with a good lacing system to ensure a snug, stay-put fit and big, bouncy rubber soles underfoot that give a springiness to each step. The lacing system is great, creating a snug, supportive fit that further adds confidence. A squishy foam inner sole is a delight to sink your feet into, moulds to feet over time and helps keep each step light and comfortable. I also found that big heel to be solid and supportive – great if you have narrow heels and find that other footwear tends to slip.

361 Camino WP walking trainers review: alternatives

Like a trainer-like look and feel to your hiking shoes? I also rate Hoka’s new Speedgoat 5 shoe (£130), which you can either run or walk trails in, and Teva’s sneaker-meets hiking boot, the Ridgeview Mid (£150).

361 Camino WP walking trainers review: verdict

The 361 Camino WP combine a sporty look and feel with trail-ready grip and waterproofing in a sneaker-style all-rounder of a hiking shoe. We prefer walking to running in the 361 Camino, but it does offer the hiker brilliant comfort and fit coupled with bouncy, grippy soles. 

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