Your next takeaway could be delivered by a self-driving robot

Just Eat wants land-based bots to courier its fast food orders

Two of the biggest takeaway delivery in the UK, Just Eat and Pronto, have signed a deal with robotics firm Starship Technologies to use a fleet of its self-driving robots to deliver food orders across London.

Starship, which was founded by Ahti Heinla and Janus Friis (the creators of Skype), has already extensively tested its mini smart vehicles across Europe, with a good 5,000 miles already clocked in the UK alone (Starship says most of these miles were made across Greenwich, Glastonbury and Milton Keynes).

These plucky little bots won't be covering huge distances at once though - they'll be used for delivery destinations that are two to three miles away from each respective restaurant or fast food outlet, with a special code sent to a customer's smartphone enabling them to unlock the self-driving motor once it arrives.

Each Starship robot uses GPS and a series of sensors to navigate its way around a given location, with a shockingly quick speed of 4mph! It might be a little slow, but it has meant that these bots have, "met over 400,000 people without a single accident."

"By launching partnerships with major companies we will enter the next phase in our development," says Ahti Heinla, co-founder, CEO and CTO of Starship Technologies. "While Starship has been testing the robots in 12 countries in the last nine months, we will now develop know-how on running real robotic delivery services."

The robots will be deployed for Just Eat and Pronto in the UK shortly, with plans for further cities in Europe and potential sites in the US, too.

Via: Starship Technologies

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