You'll be able to control a Powerpoint presentation with your Apple Watch

Microsoft is jumping on the Apple Watch hype with an update to its iOS app

App updates containing Apple Watch centric features are coming through thick and fast ahead of Friday's launch and even big names like Microsoft are getting in on the action.

After updating its OneDrive app with support for Apple's first wearable a few weeks ago, Microsoft is back again - giving early Apple Watch adopters a way of controlling presentations from their wrist.

You'll be able to kick off your presentation, switch between slides and see how much time you've been waffling on for all with a glance down at your wrist.

While this is unlikely to be a game-changer for wearables, it is nice to see developers putting nifty extras into their apps and actually thinking about how we're going to be interacting with the Watch.

Apple also sells a similar 'Remote' app for its Powerpoint competitor Keynote, so it'll be interesting to see whether this is updated with the same features.

Microsoft doesn't seem to be extending this remote functionality to other devices, PC and Mac for example. But it does have a dedicated Office Remote app for both Android and Windows Phone. There's no support for Google's wearable operating system Android Wear yet, though.

It seems like those eagerly waiting for their Apple Watch to land this Friday are going to have plenty of apps to play with, as the likes of Strava, Buzzfeed, Instapaper and Starbucks have all updated their downloads with new features.