The 'No iOS Zone' isn't an Android fan boy's dream but a serious iOS8 bug

Software flaw affects iPads and iPods too

If you are checking your iPhone for any messages in a coffee shop and your phone starts to reboot endlessly, then you might have to leave your latte and walk away.

Security researchers have discovered a bug in iOS 8 that can be exploited by malicious wireless networks that repeatedly crash and reboot iPhones, iPads and even Apple's iPod.

The attack has been dubbed “No iOS Zone”. Security researchers Adi Sharabani and Yair Amit detailed the attack at an IT security conference.

According to the researchers, a hacker can set up a malicious Wi-Fi hotspot and this then serves up crooked SSL encryption certificates to any device trying to connect to it.

Sharabani, who is chief executive of security firm Skycure said they discovered the bug when changing the settings on a router they bought. This helped them discover the bug on the iPhone.

Dodgy router

Once any device running iOS 8 connects to a dodgy router and downloads the SSL certificate from it, the device goes into an endless loop of crashing and rebooting.

“When their programs crash, people tend to put this off as a quality issue,” Sharabani told Bloomberg. “But it can be a serious vulnerability.”

While iOS 8.3, released earlier this month, has fixed some of the bugs that cause the problem, there were enough flaws remaining to reproduce the attack, claimed the pair.

The security researchers are said to be working with Apple to fix the problem.