Why LG’s 2021 OLED TVs are the pinnacle of TV tech

The ultimate TV technology delivers the ultimate TV experience

(Image credit: LG)

There’s TV, and then there’s LG OLED TV. OLED delivers the most incredible viewing experience you’ve ever seen, with perfect blacks, vivid colours and extraordinary detail – and when it comes to OLED TV, nobody does it better than LG. That’s because LG is the world’s leading OLED brand, and this year it’s made its OLED TV tech even better with a host of refinements that deliver even more incredible experiences. It’s no wonder that LG’s 2021 flagships have scored the highest ever ratings in Which? reviews: they’ve set the gold standard for what TV should be in 2021.

Here's why.


(Image credit: LG)

Picture perfect

You’ve never seen TV look this good. That’s because LG OLED displays use a much smarter kind of TV technology than LED and Mini-LED displays. Those TVs use backlights to illuminate sections of the screen, with multiple display layers to create the picture. That’s big, bulky and a bit of a compromise: no matter how clever the display, backlit displays will always struggle to deliver true blacks and pixel-perfect precision.

OLED doesn’t have that problem. That’s because there’s no backlight. Instead, each individual pixel has its own illumination – and when it’s not needed, it doesn’t light up at all. LG’s OLED technology can show you the tiniest star in the darkest sky with absolute precision and clarity. It’s a viewing experience like no other.

Astonishing images with infinite contrast

The incredible, infinite contrast of an LG OLED is particularly important when it comes to movies and cinematic TV programmes. With LED or mini-LED it can often be difficult to see what’s happening in moody, low-lit scenes. That’s because backlit displays can’t deliver true, perfect blacks, and they often suffer from light bleed and the halo effect when the backlight illuminates bits of the display it shouldn’t. LG OLED’s self-illuminating pixels don’t have that problem. Infinite contrast and pixel-level precision deliver truly breathtaking and lifelike pictures, no matter how dark the director made them.

A new standard for OLED TV

LG are the world’s number one OLED brand, but they haven’t been sitting on their laurels. Their new next-generation OLED panel in the G1 model, combined with the power of the Alpha 9 Gen 4 processor, set a new standard for TV – OLED evo.

Let’s start with the panel itself. It’s been redesigned with a new, more emissive material that refines the wavelength of light, increasing efficiency and making it even brighter than its predecessor with the same input. The materials used in the display have been changed to enhance and strengthen the intensity of the light. 

And then there’s the processor. The Alpha 9 Gen 4 enhances everything you watch, uniquely tuning the picture for the new panel and delivering a brighter, sharper image and an even better viewing experience.

Everything a TV should be in 2021

The 2021 LG OLED TV range redefines what a TV should be. Its super-slim displays are packed with cutting-edge TV tech that delivers infinite contrast, incredible detail and the most lifelike visuals you’ve ever seen on a screen. And if you buy your LG OLED TV from AO, you can be sure you’ll be getting it at an incredible price too.

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