Volvo creates permanent high-beam that won't blind incoming drivers

Camera finds incoming vehicle then shades it using new tech

Volvo, ever the one for safety has come up with another Bond esque piece of tech in the form of headlights which can stay on high beam without blinding incoming drivers

Volvo has created the permanent high beam system which won't blind incoming drivers thanks to some rather nifty tech which intelligently finds incoming cars and then shades them whilst still illuminating the rest of the surrounding area.

This impressive feat is accomplished by using the front camera which is already used for detection and auto brake, it then locates the car whether it's incoming or in front of you within a 1.5 degree margin.

The cars location is then sent to the headlamps where a tiny cylinder with metal pieces are then positioned in such a way that the area is then shaded whilst still sending the full high beam to the rest of the surrounding area.

Able to detect cars and motorcycles the new system will work as slow as 9mph and is just the latest piece of tech to be added to the already gadget-laden Volvo S60, V60 and XC60. Expect it to be appearing around Spring.

Nissan recently unveiled their own latest Safety Shield system which uses cameras to detect incoming traffic, locate object in the blind spot and also help with parking.

Thomas Tamblyn

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