Nissan Note to feature new Safety Shield technology

Cameras feed info to large 5.8-inch digitial dashboard

With parking sensors, blind spot indicators and rear cameras traditionally limited to premium models Nissan has created the first all-in-one for its small car segment

Nissan has announced that its new Nissan Note will be the first of its cars to feature its Safety Shield and Around View Monitor technology which combines a series of cameras around the car with a 5.8-inch digital dashboard to relay important safety information to the driver.

The technology which has normally been reserved for premium cars such as the Volvo S60 but has now been downsized and packaged into a system which comprises of a 180-degree rear camera and a series of smaller cameras on the front-bumper and the wing mirrors giving the car a complete view of its surroundings.

This is then tied into the Blind Spot Warning, Lane Departure Warning and Moving Object Detection systems which together have been designed to create a virtual 'safety net' around the vehicle.

The Around View Monitor essentially creates a top down view of the car which is then displayed on the dashboard when reversing or performing slow manoeuvres such as parking. It'll then alert the driver to any incoming objects whether they're stationary or moving.

On the back there's a self-cleaning 180-degree camera which is able to intelligently recognise when the vehicle is drifting across lanes or if an object has entered the drivers blind spot.

This new tech will be available in the Autumn with Nissan starting production of the new Note in the Summer.

Thomas Tamblyn

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