Vodafone HTC Desire S update released

Bug fixes and tweaks only for top-end Android phone

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Peep and SMS niggles ironed out.

Vodafone has unleashed a new update for Desire S owners using the network. The software bump is a simple tweak rather than a change to the version of Android on the device, but should make the top-end blower work better.

Changes in the update include improved HTC Peep, the native Twitter client which forms part of HTC Sense, as well as a new Desk Dock mode and a fix to an SMS problem which caused the sender's details to be shown incorrectly.

The update comes in two parts, with Vodafone Desire S owners prompted to install an update for the phone's updater, followed by a message saying the software itself is available.

Have you got a Desire S from Vodafone? Let us know how the update goes on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Via Unwired View

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