Video and audio editing on the iPad and Mac just got a huge upgrade

New versions of Logic Pro and Final Cut Pro bring new features to the Mac and iPad versions for professional editing

Apple Final Cut Pro
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During Apple's M3 chip announcement last month, it was keen to point out how the Mac and iPad can be used by professionals. Today, it has reinforced that by adding powerful new features to its professional video and audio editing suites for the Mac and iPad. 

Final Cut Pro is considered a staple for video professionals looking to cut their clips on a Mac and the software launched for the iPad back in May 2023. The software is a huge step up from the consumer-based iMovie, allowing multiple channels in the timeline and precise control over your edits. 

If you're working on a Mac, like the new MacBook Pro M3, Final Cut Pro now includes automatic timeline scrolling, the ability to colour code your items on the timeline and the ability to combine overlapping items into a single connected storyline. 

For iPad or iPad Pro users, the updates make use of the multi-touch abilities of the device and record live audio directly into the timeline, using the built-in or external microphones. The Pro Camera mode also allows you to turn stabilisation on or off and combine clips with the magnetic timeline.  

Apple Logic Pro

New sound recorder mode for Logic Pro for iPad. 

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For audio or music editors, Logic Pro is a dedicated professional tool, capable of delivering release-ready tracks straight from the software. Both the Mac and iPad versions of Logic Pro now support 32-bit float recording from compatible devices, allowing you to capture low-volume sources without worrying about clarity or clipping. 

Logic Pro for Mac gets the Sample Alchemy and Beat Breaker functions that were introduced to the iPad version earlier this year, allowing much more experimentation to take place with the sounds captured on the device. It also gains two new sound packs, including patches, loops, lyrical phrases and hooks. 

iPad users can use the new recorder mode to create instruments from sounds recorded using either internal or external microphones and move sound files seamlessly between Logic Pro and other iPad apps – by simply dragging and dropping. 

Logic Pro 10.8 / Logic Pro for iPad 1.1 are available as a free update for existing users today. Final Cut Pro 10.7 and Final Cut Pro for iPad 1.3 will be available later this month as a free update for existing users. you can buy both programs on the Mac App store or the App store. 

Apple Logic Pro

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