Twelve South launches iPhone stand

Integrates Lighting Cable into the stand to charge the iPhone 5 or iPad mini while docked

Twelve South has unveiled a stand for the iPhone 5 and iPad mini.

Called the HiRise, the stand is built around Apple's new Lighting Cable. It has also been designed to enable an iPhone 5 or iPad mini to be docked, even if they have a case on them.

The stand is designed to raise the iPhone or iPad mini up for use while charging. According to Twelve South, the stand is ideal for those wanting to use FaceTime or other video messaging services while their iOS device charges.

It comes with a number of adaptors to ensure that works with any range of iPhone 5 and iPad mini cases on the market.

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The stand integrates the existing Lighting Cable, running it through the base and up through the stand.

According to Twelve South, the stand has been designed not to obstruct the iPhone 5 and iPad mini's speakers.

The stand requires some assembly (see the video below).

It is currently available on the company's website for $34.99 (£22.20). While it hasn't been confirmed, it is highly likely it will end up on sale in UK Apple stores.

The iPhone maker currently stocks a number of Twelve South stands at its stores around the UK.