Tinder's new Super Like means swiping up helps you get down

Forget left and right, now you can go up

Ever find yourself desperate to match with someone on Tinder? Now there's a way to let them know how much you like their look before they've made a decision, just send a Super Like.

The new feature is available on Tinder right now and allows you to let your potential match know that you're interested before they've made their decision.

It smacks of super desperate, but Super Likes will appear as a blue border on your profile when you appear in their deck so they're more likely to pay you some serious attention.

Tinder has been testing the feature in Australia for a month now and claims matches are three times more likely when you use a Super Like.

But be sparing – you only get one Super Like a day, or five if you're a Tinder Plus customer. It means you can't just go through using the feature on everyone you see just to make them all feel special.