Threads is getting a huge new feature for free that X forces you to pay for

Welcome to the world of Threditing

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With Twitter/X's perceived downfall and the rise of Threads, I wonder if Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg waved to each other as they crossed paths. Certainly, the new Meta social media platform is coming for X's crown and now it has added a feature for free that X users have to pay for. 

All users can now edit posts on Threads after posting them, while X users need to subscribe to Twitter Premium for around $8/£8 a month. That's a very useful addition that can help with confusing typos, misinformation and text regret but there are a couple of caveats to bear in mind. 

You can only edit posts for the first five minutes after posting, meaning that you'll have to have a quick change of heart to edit them in time. Secondly, you can't add or remove pictures, only text. Finally, and a bit worryingly, there is no indicator that you are viewing an edited post (unlike X). However, the five-minute time limit should save this from being too much of a case of revisionist history. To edit a Threads post, simply select the three dots next to your post, select 'Edit' and then correct your mistake.

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The same update that introduced this feature has also introduced voice posts. This could be particularly useful for non-native speakers who know how to speak but not write other languages, or those who just like to give their posts the personal touch. 

Threads only launched in July but it has already seen some big changes including a browser version and the ability to search for specific subjects. Of course, it isn't as established or as popular as Twitter/X just yet. Meta's site has around 130million users while Twitter has 528million active monthly users. None of those 130million Threads users are Elon Musk, however, so take that however you will. 

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