This Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is fake, but it's tricked a hell of a lot of the internet

Purported video leak of Samsung Galaxy S9 features clone apparently based on leaked renders

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Rumours about Samsung's new Galaxy S9 series of phones have been landing thick and fast as of late, with a reported sneak peak unveiling at CES 2018 refusing to go away.

As a result, this recently published video purportedly showing the full fat Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus has received a lot of attention, with the video quickly racking up over 20,000 views. And, what's more, it has tricked plenty of people into thinking it was the real deal.

Check the video out below:

Unfortunately, the device has been debunked as a Chinese clone, probably the HDC S9. If you look closely at the device, though, it isn't exactly hard for suspicions of its validity to be raised, as the bottom bezel is unusually large and a selection of Samsung apps are missing from the phone's app drawer.

That said, though, having seen most of the supposed leaked information about the S9 and S9 Plus, this clone is clearly based on that and from a snap look you could understand enthusiasts being fooled. 

Officially the Samsung Galaxy S9 range is to be unveiled at an event in February, but with CES 2018 just around the corner, we wouldn't be surprised if genuine images start to leak out soon.