This Samsung soundbar deal with £300 off is the best I've seen this year

This superb Samsung Dolby Atmos soundbar is an awesome upgrade for your TV and a great pre-Cyber Monday deal

Samsung HW-Q700A Cyber Monday deal
(Image credit: Samsung)

Call off the search: I've found the best soundbar deal this Black/Cyber/deals week. Unless of course you want the best cheap soundbar deals in which case follow that link. It's on a Samsung soundbar with Dolby Atmos and it's nearly half price, as long as you're not too fussy about a bit of rounding down.

Yes, if you were waiting for the best Cyber Monday deals so you could upgrade your home entertainment kit, reconsider NOW. This Samsung soundbar deal has been lurking around for a few days now at Currys and it is a solid gold audio deal. The Samsung HW-Q700A/XU 3.1.2 Wireless Sound Bar with Dolby Atmos was previously £699, and now it's just £399. That's £300 off, so as deals go this is a bit of a blockbuster. 

Buy Samsung HW-Q700A/XU for £399 – was £699, save £300

This has not been a great year for home cinema bargains, thanks to the global chip shortage and supply chain crunch. It's a situation I could bore you about for hours, but suffice it to say that to see a home cinema item that's both in stock and going cheap warms my heart. 

Samsung HW-Q700A 3.1.2 Wireless Sound Bar with Dolby Atmos: was £699, now £399 at Currys

Samsung HW-Q700A 3.1.2 Wireless Sound Bar with Dolby Atmos: was £699, now £399 at Currys
Put it this way: a typical flat screen TV struggles to pump out 10W of audio. This soundbar has 120W and another 160W in the subwoofer. If you've been thinking of upgrading your TV for more involving home cinema, this soundbar is a brilliant buy.

Although I haven't tested this specific model, our Samsung HW-Q800A review covers the model that sits slightly above this Samsung in the firm's home cinema line-up, and we praised Samsung's "combination of clever speaker arrays, digital processing and reflection trickery", which delivers something incredibly close to surround sound without requiring all the speakers of a full Dolby Atmos setup. 

This soundbar has a very similar specification including eight drivers working together to deliver Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, although it doesn't have the Alexa that's built into its bigger soundbar sibling. It is Alexa controllable if you have other Alexa devices, though. The sound bar pumps out up to 120W and the included subwoofer is 160W.

One of the things I like about Samsung soundbars is that if you have a newer Samsung TV, they can use its speakers as part of their setup to deliver even more involving sound. And Samsung's One Remote can control all your home entertainment kit, not just the soundbar. All in all this is a really impressive deal, and if you don't already have a soundbar under the TV I can't overstate how much of an upgrade this is to your TV's audio.

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