This new ebike is built for Deliveroo couriers and I think it looks pretty bad-ass

Zoomo Sport ebike is an official partner of JustEat, UberEats and Deliveroo and offers rock solid features

Zoomo Sport
(Image credit: Zoomo)

Everyone wants a new ebike these days – unless of course they want an e-scooter instead. But one group of people for whom electric bikes have become particularly essential is the brave men and women who deliver food, groceries and packages in our big cities. For them, Aussie brand Zoomo has created the Zoomo Sport ebike. Although it is also available to non-couriers, of course, the Zoomo Sport impressed me with its innovative leasing and 'rent-to-buy' packages as much as the actual bike, Although the bike, it must be said, is absolutely bad ass. Which it needs to be, if you're taking on the mean streets of London, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane – Zoomo's key areas of activity.

Zoomo informs me that it is the 'official e-bike partner for the likes of JustEat, Deliveroo and UberEats,' which is pretty impressive. A lot of the ebikes that couriers use are a little basic looking, shall we say, but this one looks the business: built like a brick outhouse, packed with security features and ready for action. Perhaps crucially if it's your work bike – and so the source of your living – Zoomo's leasing plans mean you will never be without a bike, should something bad happen to it. Just take it to one of their service centres and they will give you a replacement while they endeavour to repair it. If you are not a courier, or feel like you won't need that service, you can buy it outright, however.

Let's saddle up and take a closer look at the Zoomo Sport, then. Will it eventually make it onto our top-rated guide to the best electric bikes, if Zoomo lends me one to try out? Quite possibly. 

Zoomo Sport

Zoomo Sport: for the stylish courier about town

(Image credit: Zoomo)

It's hardly a trade secret that there has been a HUGE boom in food deliveries, grocery deliveries and indeed everything deliveries in recent years. The new Zoomo Sport ebike is aimed at people in that line of business but it could just as easily work as a reliable and kick-ass ride for any commute or joy ride through urban environments. 'Built tough', it provides what couriers need – long battery life, high quality components ('auto grade' is the expression Zoomo uses) and security features. Needless to say, these features will also appeal to a lot of non-couriers. It also doesn't look too bad at all, especially if you are a fan of black. And who isn't a fan of black?

The Zoomo Sport will do the regulation 15.5mph – the UK's legal limit for electric bikes and comes with a removable battery that's good for 80km – that's about 50 miles; Zoomo also characterises this as 'up to 8 hours' for some reason. 

That's only the start of it though. Take a look at this exemplary feature set, people!

  • Puncture resistant tyres! 
  • Front suspension!  
  • Rear rack with carrying capacity of up to 40kg – equivalent to 'over 360 cheeseburgers'! 
  • GPS tracking and alarm!
  • Upright seating position!
  • Built in front and rear lights!
  • Dual hydraulic brakes for 'unparalleled stopping power' in all weathers!

Zoomo Sport

Left: Zoomo Sport's built-in lights. Right: the battery is removable and good for 50 miles 

(Image credit: Zoomo)

As well as lights, the very solid looking frame has fluro highlights, so it will be very visible at night, despite being jet black. Zoomo claims the 'unique' shape offers 'a sporty and assertive riding position.' It certainly looks quite intimidating to me, as does the printed message on the frame: "WARNING THIEVES: You will be prosecuted". Quite who will do the prosecuting is not made very clear, but there is also the more practical warning that the bike is alarmed and has GPS tracking. 

Zoomo Sport

Don't mess

(Image credit: Zoomo)

In addition to the alarm, there's also VanMoof-style remote locking and theft alerts via an app. The smart security on hand also includes an integrated motor lock and 'RFID key activation', whatever that may mean.

As well as Zoomo's maintenance plan that I mentioned at the start, there's also a 'recovery plan'. This provides 'extra peace of mind by preventing loss in case of theft' and seems to involve someone from Zoomo using the GPS to find your bike when it's pinched and going to get it back. VanMoof offers a similar service and I have to say that sounds like an absolutely nightmarish job. However, Zoomo claims an '80%+ success rate of recovering bikes on recovery plans', which does give increased peace of mind.

Zoomo says that 'Rapid design improvements… mean that light electric vehicles will increasingly outpace cars and vans for the delivery use-cases, including meals, post, parcels and groceries, even over several kilometres."

Zoomo Regional Director UK & Europe, Lisa Conibear adds: “The Zoomo Sport changes the game for delivery workers in and around cities. It builds on our natural competitive strengths of performance, comfort and safety, while taking it to the next level with our most powerful hardware features to date.” 

So my plan for next month is to get a gig economy job, get one of these bad boys and go get my side hustle on, delivering jerk chicken to the people of South London. Review to follow, if I live.

Zoomo Sport: price and availability

Zoomo Sport is available in selected cities around the world – London, New York, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

You currently have to go and pick it up; Zoomo won't ship it to you. Purchase price is from £2,200. Rental is from £50 per week with guaranteed repair or replacement via their pickup locations. 'Rent to own' – without the servicing plan – is also available, from £50 per week for 12 months. 

• Shop the Zoomo Sport and the rest of the Zoomo range now in the UK

• Shop the Zoomo Sport and the rest of the Zoomo range in Australia

Zoomo has a slightly different setup in the USA – find out more, American readers!

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