This is how the Samsung Galaxy S9's version of Face ID works

'Intelligent Scan' combines both facial recognition and iris scanning

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Dutch site LetsGoDigital has dug up a patent which, according to it at least, looks like it shows the Samsung Galaxy S9's version of Apple's Face ID.

The technology, which is clearly laid out in an English-language patent that has just become publicly available, shows a system that combines an iris scanner, a light source module (IR LED), and proximity sensor in one package.

Here is a combined image of some of the patent's illustrations, showing the iris camera, infrared light source, and proximity sensor's locations.

Samsung Galaxy S9

According to LetsGoDigital the patent describes the following situation:

"The Samsung Galaxy smartphone will be equipped with an iris camera, a light source module (IR LED) and a remote sensor. As soon as a user is at a certain distance from the device (measured by the proximity sensor), the infrared light source module and the iris camera will be switched on to take a picture of the iris. The camera is able to register both eyes, as well as a part of the face. Because the distance to the user is first determined, the camera can be set automatically so that the iris has a certain size. In addition, the light sensor ensures that the darkest part of the iris can also be read."

Samsung Galaxy S9 innards

This is interesting as it was only earlier today that we reported on the supposedly leaked innards of the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ (see above image). This leak included a picture of the S9's camera module, which is single camera unit with what looks like it could be a fingerprint reader underneath. So there is at least a slim chance that the S9 range could boast both below-screen fingerprint unlock, as well as its own version of Face ID as well.

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