This cheap electric SUV costs just £10,000 – but you can't have it

The General Motors Baojun Yep is a capable, cost-effective SUV for city slickers

The GM Baojun Yep in yellow, on a city street
(Image credit: General Motors)

We're in a truly revolutionary period for cars right now. The gas-guzzling petrol- and diesel-powered engines of old are singing their swansong, as more markets look to the best EVs to promote climate-conscious efforts.

They rarely come cheap though. At list price, some go toe-to-toe with their fossil-fuelled equivalents, while others fetch a slight premium. But in the second-hand market – where, let's face it, most of us are shopping for a new car – EVs are much more expensive.

It's an issue that stands to stifle the progress of the market drastically. But there are solutions out there. Recently, we covered the BYD Seagull – a Chinese-made EV with a 252 mile range and a £9,000 price tag. That, it seems, could be the future.

Now, another car has arrived, catering to the SUV market. The Baojun Yep is a box-shaped EV with a range of 188 miles. It also comes in five colours, though my pick is definitely the mustard yellow pictured above. The best bit? Directly converted, it costs just £10,130 or $12,695.

That's staggeringly affordable. I think the Yep looks perfect for urban life, where you might need a car big enough to fit all the family, but rarely need to take longer trips. It's also fantastic to look at, giving off a similar energy to a Jeep Wrangler.

The only downside is that – for now at least – it's not available outside of China. I think that will change though. Like the BYD we saw earlier this month, Chinese EVs are affordable in a way traditional manufacturers just aren't. With Baojun being part of the General Motors umbrella, they certainly have the presence to market on an international scale.

With just over ten years left until the UK bans the sale of fossil-fuelled vehicles, there's still time for a lot to change. For now, then, let's just appreciate this for what it is – a stylish, competent, affordable electric car.

Sam Cross
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