Think the official Lego Star Destroyer model is amazing...?

Then check out this stunning fan made model

If you've ever eyed up the official Lego Super Star Destroyer set only to be put off by the £349.99 price tag, then prepare to be put off for life.

At over two meters long, this fan-built Lego Star Destroyer dwarfs the official set which is a mere 1.25 meters long.

What's even more impressive is that its creator – who goes by the handle Jerac – used the studs not on top (SNOT) method. The result is a huge Lego model with barely a single one of Lego's trademark studs on display.

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Lego Star Destroyer

Because of Jerac's use of the SNOT method, the ship ended up looking more like one of the original models than a Lego replica.

There's no word on exactly how much it cost the Polish Lego genius to build the replica, but we're going to guess expensive isn't too far off.

Lego Star Destroyer

Via: Brothers Brick