The robovac revolution is here thanks to Roborock's latest tech

Roborock is on a mission to improve lives with innovative technology

Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra near dock
(Image credit: Roborock)

In just eight years, Roborock has shown itself to be a serious innovator in the smart home ecosystem. The company's ever-expanding lineup of robot vacuums continues to deliver new and meaningful upgrades in capabilities and design. 

After designing its first robotic vacuum for Xiaomi, Roborock set out on its own with the Roborock S5. And in only a few model generations, it has come out with some of the most impressively capable robovacs on the market. The brand has already reached consumers in over 40 countries with a stunning 9.29+ million units sold, showing its a force to be reckoned with.  

What drives Roborock to deliver these powerful products is the goal of empowering people to live better lives through innovation. Each new vacuum puts forward more capabilities that take a little more burden off the user. They may not be able to do your laundry or clean cobwebs out of the corners, but they’ll eliminate some of the most time-consuming chores around the home.

Roborock founder and CEO Richard Chang says on their website, “With every new product launch, we challenge ourselves to deliver a better cleaning experience with even more convenience for our customers." That commitment to innovation is clearly demonstrated by the company’s staffing, which sees 57% of the over 890 employees working on product innovation.

Roborock’s current robovac models put all of that innovation on display with a whole battery of technologies combined into highly autonomous cleaning implements that do more and more around the home so you can do less. While any decent robovac will pick up dust around the house, you’ll still be saddled with mopping and frequently emptying the dustbin, but Roborock has taken sweeping, mopping, and even a lot of robovac maintenance off the chore list with its constant innovation. 

The Roborock S7 family features powerful vacuuming capabilities — a must for the product category — helping it handle floor and carpet cleaning alike. With a motorized mop built onto the back, it can suck up loose debris and scrub out stuck-on debris alike in a single pass.

Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra vacuuming and mopping

(Image credit: Roborock)

Navigation on the Roborock S7 family uses LiDAR to map the room and intelligently work its way around the space, ensuring it cleans the entire area without missing a spot. Meanwhile, obstacle avoidance keeps it from getting caught up in the middle of a job. Since the vacuum knows the floor plan, it’s possible to have it clean certain areas on command, avoid certain areas, and even designate areas to mop and not to mop. 

The S7 and S7 MaxV bring even more flexibility in how they approach a whole-home cleaning with Roborock’s VibraRise and Reactive AI 2.0 technologies. VibraRise relies on an ultrasonic sensor to detect carpet and lift the robovacs mop, so it can tackle vacuuming carpets and cleaning hard floors all in a single session. Reactive AI 2.0 on the S7 MaxV Ultra allows it to learn precise details around the home with a combination of an RGB camera, 3D structured light, and an all-new neural processing unit, identifying furniture, objects, and floor types to better clean around obstacles and optimize for different surfaces..

Roborock’s innovation goes beyond even the vacuum itself. With the latest docking stations, Roborock has smartened up the process of emptying and servicing the robovac. Depending on the docking station, it can handle charging the robovac, emptying the dustbin, refilling the mopping water reservoir, and cleaning the mop head. Roborock even has a dock that does all of the above.

Ultimately, all of Roborock’s products push forward its mission to save users time and make their lives easier. Its products can help pet owners keep up with the inundation of pet hair. It can help the elderly, those with physical impairments, or their caregivers keep a clean and healthy living environment. And it can help just pretty much anyone find more time to spend on whatever it is they enjoy doing instead of having to keep up with chores around the house.

With Robock’s advanced line of smart vacuums, a lot more of the time you’re spending at home can be free for your enjoyment rather than being eaten up by chores around the house. So be sure to see all that Roborock has to offer here

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