The Mac mini M2 Pro could be the ultimate desktop upgrade

Three days in and I'm already sold on the Mac mini M2 Pro for my home office

Apple Mac Mini M2 with accessories
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The new Mac mini M2 Pro is the most powerful Mac mini by a long way. In fact, aside from the Mac Studio models, it's the most powerful desktop option that Apple has right now. So, for those who currently use an iMac (of any kind) as their home machine, right now this is your best way to upgrade. 

I tend to use a MacBook Pro at home, linked up to a desktop monitor to give me the flexibility to be mobile but also get that large-screen desktop experience. But having used the new Mac mini for just a few days, I'm tempted to go for this option at home. 

While my full review will follow in a few days, my impression of this Mac mini so far has been nothing but positive. While larger than an Apple TV 4K device, the Mac mini takes up very little space on your desk, sitting nicely under your monitor. It certainly makes for a cleaner desktop than with my MacBook Pro plugged in. 

Mac Mini M2

The Mac mini provides a much cleaner desktop and dits underneath your monitor

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If you have previously used an iMac, you can use it as a monitor, by using the target display function on intel Macs, or AirPlay for newer models. Long term though, you'll probably want to invest in a dedicated 4K monitor, or go all out on the Apple Studio Display.

While the M2 version of the Mac mini offers a significant update from the older M1 model, the M2 Pro option is streaks ahead. You can throw all sorts of professional editing software at it, from Photoshop to Final Cut Pro and it will take it in its stride. 

So far I've warmed it up with some Lightroom editing and gaming, which didn't seem to tax the machine at all. Opening programmes is considerably quicker here and image processing takes a fraction of the time I was used to on my MacBook Pro. Not to mention the silent operation. 

Having the Mac mini leaves you free to upgrade your monitor separately too, so you can pick and choose the screen that works for you. While it might not be as handy for working on the move as a MacBook, you could easily throw it in a bag and travel with it – plugging in via HDMI to any TV or monitor going. 

The fact that you can pick up a Mac mini M2 from just £649 / $599 and the M2 Pro version from £1399 /$1299 , makes this a sensible upgrade for many users. It's certainly the way I'm going from now on. 

Mat Gallagher

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